Coming Up In February: Lina Bradford

Lina Bradford by Gregory Vaughan
Photo by Gregory Vaughn

Lina Bradford grew up in New York City, across the street from famed Carnegie Hall on the Upper West Side. Her career in entertainment began at an early age as a dancer. She studied modern ballet, tap and jazz for 11 years and performed in several companies throughout New York. Those same moves she learned in rehearsals became a part of her signature style when she began her DJ career by performing throughout the gritty East Village scene. She travels through Europe, appearing in Sardinia, St Tropez and Paris. Accolades soon came rolling in, including DJ of the year and Lifetime Achievement awards at the Glammys and Sage Innovator. DJ Lina is often seen hosting the biggest private parties from NYC to Europe. Even with all her accomplishments, she feels as if she is just beginning to hit her stride. “I’ve never felt more sexy and solidified in my life,” she says. “This is by far the most beautiful spot I’ve been in.”

Lina Bradford is the spirited host of “In The Dollhouse With Lina,” a rollicking YouTube show.  The show returns for its second season this month. In the show, Lina’s quick wit (known as “Linish”…yes, she has her own language) and infectious smile take center stage as she discusses music, fashion and pop culture with her celebrity friends.


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