Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air

Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air celebrates the diversity of our humanity.

Diversity Rules recognizes that the diversity of a society is its greatest asset and all of humanity benefits by celebrating that diversity among us. It will be an uplifting experience and discussion of issues of diversity and spiritual destiny. The show will prod you to think outside the realm of what is normal and conventional. You may also hear some things that will rile the soul but just sit back, relax and take in what you want and leave the rest.

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Show Archive:

November 5: David Elijah Nahmod – PTSD Survivor
Sept 25th: Ace Lundon – Entertainer, blogger, writer, all around nice guy!
Sept 17th: LeNair Xavier – Blogger, poet, and activist
Sept 10th: Luke O’Donovan – A Case of Unjust Justice
June 18th: Lawrence Ferrara, Director of “Power Erotic”
June 25th: Stephen Dolainski, Founder of RainbowGray.com
June 11th: Cecilio Asuncion, creator of “What’s the T?”
May 28: Pierre de Villiers
May 14: J. Scott Coatsworth
April 30: Jenn T. Grace
April 23: Lamar Van Dyke
April 16: Lovari
April 9: Eric Casaccio
April 2: Hunter Lee Hughes

March shows coming soon!

Your Host:

Eyes_Wide_Open_Pic_thumbJim Koury is the Editor/Publisher of Diversity Rules Magazine, an alternative focus publication primarily dealing with the gay community’s concerns and issues, along with issuesof diversity generally. He is an activist who is not afraid to ruffle some feathers. His main objective is to get people to think and think for themselves. He espouses Aristotle’s mantra, “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Jim does not force his views on others but just puts them out there for folks to think about and discard if they wish