The independent gay press has been and remains very important to the gay community.  Most gay persons are consumers of mainstream media and heavy users of the various media markets.  Diversity Rules Magazine seeks to tap into this reality and provide a primary source of articles of interest that can only be obtained from a gay-focused publication.

How much is it worth to tap into this tremendous market of gay consumers?  For a minimal amount, you can advertise your business and obtain amazing exposure for your company and your products that appeal to the gay community.  There are numerous advertising opportunities in Diversity Rules Magazine and now on its radio companion, Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air; a weekly radio podcast.

DON’T WAIT!  Contact us now in order to get your business in front of the tremendously powerful purchasing power of the gay community by advertising in the DIVERSITY RULES MAGAZINE.

While the print version is no longer for the time being, website advertising opportunities do exist! The independent gay press relies on reader and advertiser support.

So please consider joining the Diversity Rules Magazine family and advertise online! Your ad will receive maximum exposure.

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Your ad can be changed out monthly or whenever a change in message is needed.

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FALL/WINTER SPECIAL: What better way to make your business hotter in the cooler months and boost your business’s exposure to the LGBTQ community? Fall/Winter Web Advertising Special is now in place! Place your order TODAY! Prices are effective through March 21, 2023 (even though it says expires on March 21, 2020).

Free subscriptions will also be available with each advertising level to be given out in whichever way the advertiser wishes. Details on how to access the subscription will be provided once the list is received from the advertiser.

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