The December issue of Diversity Rules Magazine features a new musical album entitled, “Place and Time,” which was released on December 3rd. It includes Broadway artists from under-represented segments of the theatre community. The album shines a spotlight on women, queer POC, theys, enbys, and transgender people. “We are here too,” says co-creator EllaRose Chary, a lesbian, “and like everyone else, we experience a range of feelings and circumstances that aren’t all centered on our trauma or our otherness.

Songs are fun, flirty, emotional, and nostalgic; sung by an all-star cast of Broadway performers and Tony Award winners who are revved-up, spiced-up, and sometimes fed up. “We hope listeners will relate to the characters and maybe even see themselves reflected in the canon,” says Chary’s writing partner Brandon James Gwinn, who identifies as queer and gender fluid. The duo recently won the 2021 Richard Rodgers Award for their musical, TL;DR Thelma Louise; Dyke Remix. Place and Time is a culmination of their ten years working and writing together; their musical and gender awakening.

Place and Time is a culmination of Chary and Gwinn’s musical and gender awakening. Developed over ten years of working together, songs are mostly queer-themed with emotional surges that are character and story-driven. They include “Always Heard, Never Seen,” written from Ella’s own experience of being a woman in queer spaces dominated by cis white men, and “Why I Chose,” about feeling somewhere in the middle between male and female, much like Brandon’s real-life story.

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