The April issue features the triumphant return of Tom D’Angora’s “Naked Boys Singing!

The long-running off-Broadway hit, Naked Boys Singing!, returned triumphantly in March with a brand-new production starring American Idol’s David Hernandez and the first body-positive naked boy. “For nearly 25 years, our show has celebrated the male form with a lot of laughs and no costuming,” says producer Tom D’Angora, “but our new production spotlights the beauty of all men’s shapes and sizes.” Plus-sized gender-fluid actor Dom Giovanni (He/Them) makes their off-Broadway debut in the production, joining David Hernandez (American Idol), Jaden Lux (Naked Boys Singing Las Vegas), and Gregory Sullivan (Naked Boys Singing, A Musical About Star Wars and NEWSical). Presented by husbands Tom D’Angora and Michael D’Angora, Naked Boys Singing! is high-camp musical theater. The 60-minute show features a cast of five handsome “boys” with gorgeous voices and hilarious comedic timing. There are no costumes and no underwear… it is simply Naked Boys Singing!

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