Photo By Shaun Vadella

The March feature interview is by Larry Olsen with Roy Tomko, the “Reader of the Queens.”

The world first got to know psychic medium Roy Tomko from his popular YouTube series, Reading the Queen and Reading the King. Fans of spirit channeling found his candid banter with drag queens and gay male models to be refreshing and fun. They enjoyed the anything goes mentality to the proceedings and that inevitable OMG moment when the celebrity begins to realize that the reading is, in fact, legit.

According to Tomko, blending the spirit world and the LGBTQ+ community has proved a match made in heaven. “It’s a chance for me to provide healing to the community I love and am a proud member of and to show the world how beneath a drag queen’s makeup and sequence or a gay king’s muscles and spray tan, they are individuals like everyone else, seeking healing and messages from loved ones.”

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