This month’s feature is an interview with Kyle Motsinger, compliments of Mike Bahr.

Photo: Austin Ruffer

Kyle Motsinger was born and raised in the middle of cornfields in a small, conservative town outside Peoria, Illinois. “I grew up singing Broadway tunes by a tractor,” he remembers.

He moved to NYC after college, where he performed in Off-Broadway productions, and released two albums and several singles including “Dark Shadows”, based on the gothic sixties series and film by Tim Burton. The music video for the song starred Kathryn Leigh Scott from the series and premiered to much fan acclaim at the Dark Shadows convention in Los Angeles.

As Kyle Motsinger approached his mid-thirties, he began to feel that he wasn’t where he wanted to be in life. He channeled that frustration into a batch of new songs that appear on his upcoming album. His latest single is “Bad Years,” and it muses on his life’s struggles and finding joy in conflict.

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