This month’s issue of Diversity Rules Magazine features John Duff, who has released his first single, “Be Your Girl,” from his upcoming concept album. John Duff talks about a variety of topics in an interview compliments of Ben Nelson.

Photo By Ramon Christian

John Duff is excited to live in a time when so many queer artists are releasing authentically queer music. As an out artist, he has released multiple singles and music videos that have gone viral on social media including “House on Fire” and “Hokie Pokie”.

For his new work, though, he thought it would be fun to look back on a less-inclusive time and design a legacy artist that never had the opportunity to exist.

In “Be Your Girl,” the first single from John Duff’s upcoming concept album, he imagines a classic-that-never-happened from the point of view of a queer artist-that-never-was.

Written by Duff, Eren Cannata, and Koil PreAmple, the explosive disco number with its 1940’s inspired arrangement and top line is a nod to Tom Jones, Cher, and Frank Sinatra and its video pays homage to classic movie musicals.

“There’s a reason people don’t make songs like this anymore,” John Duff reflects. “It ain’t easy. If I can do this, I can do anything.”

We spoke with him from Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he is preparing for a theatrical residency.

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