Welcome to the August issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. This month’s issue features Road to the Runway where transgender fashion models navigate their individual paths to stardom on Here-TV premiering on August 5th.

Road to the Runway examines the roles that gender, race, socio-economic status, and familial approval play in the lives of young, beautiful women charting their course toward fashion’s latest frontier: the transgender supermodel. The series profiles the twenty hopefuls competing in this year’s annual Slay Model search. Cameras follow the women to their hometowns to uncover their roots: the environments they were reared in and the circumstances that helped shape them into the beautiful, statuesque, fashionable young women they are today. Executive produced by GLAAD-award winner, Cecilio Asuncion, Phil Anthony, RD Alba, and produced by Emmy-award winner David Millbern, Paul Colichman, Stephen P. Jarchow, and John Mongiardo, Road to the Runway is an important reminder that these Trans models are more than mannequins: they are daughters, friends, and partners in love, with stories that deserve to be heard.

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