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Diversity Rules Magazine, now in its 11th year, has had a lot of dedicated support from local businesses and others for the publication’s mission. Diversity Rules Magazine certainly appreciates that support.  Please consider supporting the following businesses when in need of their service or product that they provide.

Red Gym Men’s Club

Red Gym Men’s Club is a private membership club located in Syracuse, NY.  New summer hours and reasonable rates! Contact them at if you have any questions!

Red Gym


OutNSocial™ is an LGBTQ & Ally multi-interest social platform promoting genuine shared interest and experiences to enhance in-person relationships rather than replace them by sharing hobbies and similar interest where you live, work and play.


OutNSocial copy


Otsego County Office of the Aging

If you are an Otsego County resident 60 years of age or older or caring for someone who is or if you need assistance navigating programs and benefits that will help your income go a bit further, then contact the Otsego County Office of the Aging at the numbers listed in the ad below.


DON’T FORGET OUR MAY SPECIAL: In celebration of Diversity Rules’ 10th Anniversary all advertising rates are discounted and subscription packages are available in conjunction with your advertising support as follows:


Free subscriptions will be available with each advertising level to be given out whichever way the advertiser wishes. Details on how to access the subscription will provided once the list is received from the advertiser.

1 Month – ONE free subscription
3 Months – TWO free subscriptions
6 Months – FOUR free subscriptions
12 Months SEVEN free subscriptions

When submitting the advertising contract simply pay the discounted rate when placing your advertising order!





There is also a holiday special expiring on January 31st! Great discounts on advertising packages that include FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS are available.  Place your order today!

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