Traitors To The Cause!

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I knew from the minute he took office that we were in for a very rough ride. Little did I know then, nor did anyone else for that matter, how rough the ride would actually be. Donald Trump has proven to be one of the most, if not THE most, toxic Presidents this nation has ever had the displeasure to experience.

Trump’s election to the highest office in the land has also unleashed a wave of hateful rhetoric that has produced tragic results in terms of the atrocities committed against immigrants, and those groups who are not white, or who do not fit into the alt-right’s vision of what an American should be. That vision, unfortunately, does not include people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and others who do not stack up to the perceptions of white privileged America or the values of the para-military, white supremacist filth that pollutes our nation.

Specific to LGBTQ Americans, we experience a steady, daily drumbeat of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and policies that degrade LGBTQ Americans to a second-class status once again. We endure constant harassment from religious and other bigots and homophobes who take issue with two people of the same sex loving each other, raising children, and having the life that straight Americans have and taken for granted for so long. When our own take a stand against the advancement of LGBTQ rights, it is doubly painful, and hurtful. It is like Judas betraying Jesus, or Brutus stabbing Ceaser to death. It is unforgivable, quite inexcusable and most reprehensible.

The Log Cabin Republicans are our Judas, our Brutus. With their endorsement of Donald Trump’s re-election, they have become enemies of the LGBTQ community and are not considered to be “friends” or even allies. This despicable group must be aggressively fought and repelled, just like the vilest of the religious bigots and homophobes that wish to relegate us to insignificance and take hard-fought rights away from us. We must take a stand against those who will do us harm, especially those within our own community, who are more repulsive than those from outside our community of queer brothers and sisters.

In its endorsement of Trump, Log Cabin states that Donald Trump has taken “bold actions that benefit the LGBTQ community.” They also state that he has “met his commitments to LGBTQ Americans.” Really? What planet are you folks living on?

Let’s take a look at how he has met his “commitments to LGBTQ Americans.”

1) Withdrew an Obama directive to treat transgender students equally;

2) Reinstated the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military;

3) Stripped LGBTQ protections in the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare);

4) Banned the display of pride flags at all US embassies;

5) Refused to issue an official proclamation recognizing Pride Month;

6) Attempted to strip the Stonewall Inn of its historic site status;

7) Signed an Executive Order focused on “religious liberty” that set the stage for legal discrimination of LGBTQ Americans;

8) Inmates must be housed as per their biological sex at birth;

9) Filed briefs with the Supreme Court stating its support for the firing of LGBTQ Americans from their jobs in preparation of the Court’s upcoming hearing on October 8th;

10) Trump’s proposed budget calls for 2 billion in cuts from HIV spending;

11) Banned government-funded stem cell research as it relates to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS;

These are just a few of the most notable “achievements” that the Log Cabin Republicans are supporting.  I am quite confident there are many others, as well.

In response to the Log Cabin endorsement, members have fled the organization and rightfully so. The governing board of the Log Cabin Republicans clearly has their head up their dark cavern and seem to be indifferent to the exodus of so many high-level supporters and volunteers.

Robert Turner, the former president of its Washington, D.C chapter, who began the exodus stated, “It saddens me greatly to say that today, I am ending my association with Log Cabin Republicans, an organization I’ve been heavily involved with for the last decade — including serving as president of the D.C. chapter for three years.”

The most recent departure is the organization’s Executive Director, and the first woman to lead the group, Jerri Ann Henry. When asked if the group can survive, she stated, “I’m not sure. My recommendation would be to shut it down, or just become the YR’s of the gay community — Republicans who just happen to be gay.”

She also stated that “It’s not just the LGBTQ community this President targets. When we look at immigrants, people — anyone that he thinks he can somehow use to anger his base — he doesn’t care if he has to divide on racial lines, on ethnic lines, on educational lines. He will divide and damage and destroy this country in any manner he thinks he needs to advance his own political power.

Others fleeing Log Cabin in addition to Robert Turner, and Jerri Ann Henry includes Jordan EvansRachel Hoff, Jennifer Horn, Eli Lehrer, Rich Tafel, and Sarah Longwell.

Donald Trump has empowered the worst elements of our society and has enabled them to express their vile hatred against those who they deem unfit to be “true” Americans. They have become quite open about their prejudice and bigotry, and seem to not care if their true colors shine brightly for all to see, as witnessed in the extreme cases, with the many mass shootings at the hands of Trump-supporting white supremacists.

It is a despicable display of ignorance, and it saddens me to no end to watch fellow Americans denigrate our country and mock and disparage all that our great nation represents, and has represented to generations of Americans who came before us, and those immigrants who traversed unbearable odds to come to this country to make a life for themselves, to live the American dream.

The Log Cabin Republicans also represent one of the worst elements of our society. They must continue to be called out for its short-sighted and very stupid endorsement of a man who is no friend of the LGBTQ community, nor will he and his Administration ever be.

Log Cabin Republicans are an embarrassment to the LGBTQ community. They slap the faces of those queer icons and others who have fought tirelessly for marriage equality, adoption rights, and all the other rights and privileges accorded to straight people without question. They sully their memory, and the efforts of those still with us on the front lines battling the forces that would do us harm. I have no doubt that if Harvey Milk were with us today, he would be on the front lines battling not only our detractors but the same ilk within our own community such as the Log Cabin Republicans … traitors to the cause.

The Log Cabin Republicans need to be relegated to the dust bin of history, as does the vile man who they have endorsed. The sooner that happens, the better off the LGBTQ community shall be. I say good riddance to them all.

Keep up the fight! Continue to expose the vileness of the current administration and give Log Cabin a big one-finger salute!

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