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Stu is an exhibitionist. He loves taking it all off for an appreciative audience–male, female, gay, straight, the mixed group– for anyone over 18. If you’d like him to pose for you and your friends (virtually or in person), for drawings or for screenshots or just to watch, ask him–there’s NO FEE for readers of this column. He also does readings from his book and, you guessed it, he does that naked and with no fee as well. His book, ‘Lights On—Clothes Off: Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist,’ fully exposes his exciting exhibitionist life.

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I used a ton of moisturizing lotion. Let me explain–

Richard ChauDavis, an artist friend of mine, was scheduled to display his work at the annual two-day ‘Hotel/Motel Unofficial Art Fair’ being held at the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego. His work included many adult images, plainly put–many nudes.

Fifty-two artists booked rooms and almost a thousand people bought tickets for the very popular event.

To encourage people to enter his hotel room to view his work (and of course to sell his art) Richard’s advertising and the sign near the door included, “Stop by and watch Stu shower. On the hour every hour.” To help ensure I’d have a decent size audience, I hung out in the hallway during my breaks, right outside of Richard’s room, wearing only a tee shirt and my white Calvin briefs, and invited passersby to stop in to take photos of me showering. “Will you be naked?” many asked. “Totally naked. Stop by and take photos if you’d like,” was my stock response. I then gave them the start times for my upcoming shows.

It was funny when some little kids, who were walking down the hallway, pointed at me and said to their parents, “Look, there’s a man in his underpants.” I smiled and didn’t offer them an invite. Quite a few of the gay men who were exploring the event saw me, and the sign next to the door, and asked, “Is this for real? When I told them it was they assured me that they would be back, along with other friends. A while later I was delighted to see them, along with their buddies, in line waiting for the next show.

I was scheduled to shower five times on the first day and eight times on the second day. The advertising and my hallway ‘display’ brought in eight people during my first shower and a dozen for my second one. The word spread and by my third performance it was a sell-out. The audience reached forty eager viewers. That stayed consistent for the remainder of the art fair. (There was a line out the door starting with the third shower but room capacity limited my audience to forty.)

People crowded in. Some sat in folding chairs, a few people sat on the floor next to the tub and others maneuvered to wherever they found a good viewing spot. While welcoming everyone I turned on the shower and waited for the warm water. I made eye contact with all of the guests and said, “It’s shower time for me. Take photos if you want and move around to get the best views. And if you have any requests, don’t be shy, just let me know.”

Facing everyone I took off my shirt and my Calvins and began soaping my entire body. I made sure to present good views and I enjoyed the eyes on me and the camera activity. I appreciated the bold souls who got close to watch the suds as I took my time washing my penis and balls. And way to go for the brave ones who asked me to be sure my butt was clean. I turned around for them, bent over, and gave that area a thorough wash while providing an excellent view.

For some reason (LOL) I popped an erection during every show. (Not unusual for me!) That seemed to bring on a bit of a hush followed by many cameras going into action. Was I embarrassed? Not at all. Were any of the viewers embarrassed? All the comments were fun and positive and no one left mid-show so I don’t think so.

In the end, I did a quick wipe-down and applied lotion everywhere. Most people stayed for that. I thanked everyone for coming as I handed out my business card.

My favorite attendees included the older women who sat right up close and stared as if they had never seen a naked man before. The many gay men were fun as they made quite a few requests for certain views. They also asked me lots of things about my exhibitionism. The giggling college girls were a hoot–some of them even applauded. A few of the young women commented that they liked seeing a circumcised penis. I loved when friends of mine, who attended the fair and didn’t know I would be on display, showed up, took in the show, and gave me high fives for my boldness. The intense attention from the younger gay guys told me that they were fascinated by what I was doing and by their viewing of a mature man’s body. Every audience was great.

The only complaints I heard were that some cameras fogged up due to the steam from the shower. The bathroom needed a stronger exhaust fan.

I hated when it was time for the last shower. This experience was incredible for me. I was extremely pleased with the numbers. Eleven shows with forty viewers and two with a total of twelve meant that I had performed for about four hundred sixty people. They were close. They saw everything in detail. They watched me soap up every inch of my body. They took photos. They were entertained and enthralled by my nudity.

My only suggestion for Richard was to book a room with a larger bathroom for the next art fair. And I assured him that I’d be available for future shower shows.

I’d love to hear from you. If nudity, exhibitionism, or voyeurism are issues you’d like to chat about here’s my email: My offer to do a

naked reading from my book or to pose for you and your friends is sincere. Would I hop in the shower for your group? Yes, of course. And there’s NO FEE for readers of this column. Please check out my revealing book and read about my many exciting naked adventures.

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