Sans Clothing

Stu Schwartz

When Stu was an 18-year-old college freshman, in need of a job, he jumped at the chance to earn his way by posing naked for art classes and beginning his Sans Clothing experience. He especially loved watching the students as they studied his body and captured all of him on their drawing pads. He then moved on to bigger thrills (stripping in bars, performing in live sex shows, and running a bare butler service). He still takes it all off for artists and photographers—in person and online. In his book, ‘Lights On—Clothes Off: Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist,’ (available on Amazon) he fully exposes his exciting exhibitionist life. Stu hopes you enjoy his Sans Clothing experiences!

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Sans Clothing

I am thankful for the emails I’ve been receiving from readers about my Sans Clothing column. About a third of the messages have been congratulating me on my book and giving me kudos for exposing my own experiences. One-third have been guys telling me about their exhibitionist, voyeuristic and naked experiences. What fun! And the others have been from readers asking for additional excerpts from my book. So for the last group, this month’s column will offer more.

From Chapter Six: (I was 13 years old. Charles was about 45 or 50.)

What fun it was to be zooming across the lake, then to slow down as we went around different curves, and then to speed up again. The breeze on my face felt so good. We took off our T-shirts so we could feel the wind. I let out a couple of hoots when we were speeding and bumping into some waves. Charlie laughed at my yells and I could tell that he was enjoying being with me. What a great guy he was to invite me, no one else—just me, to go boating with him. After going around a huge bend we came to a quiet cove where there were no boathouses or docks. Highway 423, the road that circled the lake, was way off in the distance. There were no other boats around and no one was on the tree-lined shore. The water was shallow and clear. Charlie stopped the boat and killed the motor so we could enjoy the quiet cove and look for some minnows or pickerel in the water. What a great afternoon this was turning out to be. Happiness. Anticipation. Me, alone in a neat motorboat, with a handsome shirtless man. Whew. The water was cool. The sun was hot. Charles asked me if I wanted to go for a swim.

“Sure, that would be lots of fun,” was my choked-out answer.

“Then let’s go in without our bathing suits since no one else is around. Just like you do at the Y.” (Naked swimming at the YMCA was featured in Chapter Five.)

I didn’t say anything as I became filled with new expectations and quickly started to get hard. Charlie stood up, rather carefully so he wouldn’t rock the boat, and he took off his bathing suit. Right in front of me. Right there. My eyes were inches away from his crotch. I took a good look at his large penis and his big balls and wow, he had thick dark pubic hair. He stood there watching me look at him. I looked up at him and saw his approval. I loved it when Charlie then told me that I was cute. He said he liked that I was one of the older boys at the picnic and that I looked really good in my bathing suit. He said that he liked the few hairs that were on my chest and the little bit of hair under my arms. I felt so mature!

“Hey, I’ve seen you without a bathing suit at the Y,” Charlie said. “Mine’s off. Why don’t you go ahead and take yours off?” He lightly rubbed his fingers through his pubic hair while waiting for my answer.

The words slowly tumbled out of my mouth, “Well sure. I can. Sure. OK.”

I’d love to hear from you. If nudity, exhibitionism, or voyeurism are issues you’d like to chat about here’s my email: If you would like a free link to a blog with a story about my art class posing, along with nude photos, just ask. And please check out my book, Thanks. Stu

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