“Difficult Lessons”

A Book by Tammie Welch
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tammie_welchTammie Welch is a former teacher and an author. Difficult Lessons is her first novel. She is from, and still lives in, Valdosta, Georgia with her long-time partner. She currently works as a Human Resources Supervisor and spends most of her spare time writing.

A fictional look at a being tossed out of the closet and having one’s world turned upside down

Although the LGBT community has come a long way in recent years, many of us still suffer from discrimination in our everyday lives. Difficult Lessons is a contemporary work of fiction describing how a well-respected teacher in a small town is discriminated against and harassed once her sexual orientation becomes known. An individual in town, who has deep-seated issues against the gay community, discovers that Sara is a lesbian and launches a campaign to have her fired from the high school. Other minor conflicts arise and Sara has to deal with each one of themDifficult Lesson cover. Her supporting family and newly-found love interest support her completely in her fight. Although the book could easily parallel many people’s lives, it is completely fiction and not based on any actual events or people.

Difficult Lessons is currently available at Smashwords.com in all e-book formats or at Amazon.com in paperback and large print.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Tammie Welch at 229-460-3895 or email Tammie at tamw1204@gmail.com.


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