Triple Threat

Photo Credit: Noel Photography
Photo Credit: Noel Photography

The following interview was graciously provided to Diversity Rules Magazine by Mark Dawson.

Dominic Pacifico is more than just a pretty face and body. The adult film star is an in-demand spinner. His DJ name? DJ Pornstar, of course. And now, with the release of his first original dance track, he’s a record producer, too, under a new name: PACIFICO.

“Whether I’m Dominic Pacifico, DJ Pornstar, or now, PACIFICO, my artistry stems from a love of play,” he says. “I live to play and I will play for life.”

MD: Why so many names?

DP: (Laughing) Good Question! Dominic Pacifico came first but when I started spinning, friends called me DJ Pornstar. It was a meant as a joke but, somehow, the name stuck.

MD: Has your work in porn made it harder to be taken seriously in music?

DP: Yes, a lot of promoters refuse to work with me because they don’t believe that I’m a professional DJ. They think it’s all just some big gimmick.

MD: Tell us about your new single, “Earth From Here.”Earth From Here

DP: It’s is a collaboration with Jeb Havens. It has a Calvin Harris style to it.

MD: Who is Jeb Havens?

DP: He is a songwriter and vocalist that I’ve known for about eight years. I came to Jeb on this project because I wanted a fun pop vibe to go with the beats. I love his sound. He has a sexy country twang to his voice.

MD: Is this your first track with Pump Records?

DP: It’s my second track with Pump. Once they heard what I could do, they offered me a contract.

MD: Does this mean you’re leaving film?

DP: No. I’m actually in the process of launching my own adult studio at I just signed Casey Everett as an exclusive!

MD: How did that happen?

DP: I met Casey when I was on tour in California. I thought he was the most adorable boy: so sweet, sexy and charming. I would say he’s more than a friend but I can’t really define the relationship. He calls me “Daddy.” I call him “son.” When he said he was having trouble getting adult industry work, I was shocked so I offered him an exclusive contract. I’ve directed him in a few shoots over the past couple months. We shot a scene together last week for the first time.

MD: Sounds exciting!

DP: As a director, I finally get to have 100% creative control over what I produce. My new production style is a cross between artsy and raunch. I love fetish porn but I wanted to make it more cinematic.

MD: If you had to choose between music and porn, which would you pick?

DP: I would choose music over porn. A guy can’t stay in porn forever, but if he’s good, a life long career in music is possible.


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