Support the Independent Gay Press

Eyes_Wide_Open_Pic_thumbOne would think there would be much more support of the independent gay press since it is the more unfiltered grassroots voice of equality and justice and embraces more fully the diverse range of people in the rainbow tent. It also tends to be more representative of the true essence of the queer community, unlike the corporate PC filtered media and advocacy groups that tend to focus on their prefabricated version of how THEY would like everyone to perceive the queer community.

We must resist that effort, and maintain and enhance our individuality and reject this artificial control by the corporate run queer media and advocacy agencies. We must celebrate our vitality and diversity, as well as respect the whole range of individuals under this big rainbow tent of ours. Do not allow the corporate media and PC ridden advocacy groups to shove the more colorful people of our community into the shadows. They are the ones that took charge on that hot summer night in 1969 and catapulted the modern gay rights movement into existence.

We of the independent gay press say shame on you and shame on those who have allowed, and actually have supported the co-opting of the gay rights movement by this artificial vision of who we are and have succumbed to the sanitizing of the gay culture that once was the true lifeblood — the fire — of the gay rights movement.

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