The Impact of a Generation

By Jim Koury, Editor, Diversity Rules Magazine
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On March 10th I was informed by my folks that my Uncle Dominic (a.k.a Mimi) had died.  He was 87 and had some cardiac health issues for many years, but had a bout of pneumonia and other issues the past couple months, that took their toll, and caused his demise.  He is now with my gram and gramps and my aunt and two uncles who had gone to the other side before him.  I shall miss him very much.

It is always sad to see a generation passing, but alas that is life and death is a consequence of life.  We must accept it for what it is; a natural part of life, which is not really an end, but the beginning of a new spiritual existence, beyond the trappings of our physical bodies and this earthly world.

My uncle’s death has provided me with a time to reflect upon his generation, what it stood for and the achievements and advances that resulted from his efforts and the efforts of his compatriots, generally.  During his generation, World War II was waged, the “war to end all wars.”  My uncle did his part and helped to secure our freedom and the freedom of the world’s inhabitants from the evil transgression of Nazi Germany and served proudly in our Armed Forces.  There were also many technological advances; most notable, the moon walk, probably the most monumental technological achievement of my uncle’s generation.

There were also great social and political movements that shaped our society for years to come.  The Civil Rights Act and the end of legal discrimination of our African American brothers and sisters was one such movement of change for the better.  My uncle, I am sure, was proud of his generation and what it accomplished.

I also pause to think about what accomplishments and achievements my generation will leave behind.  Setting aside all the fancy technology, such as I-Pads, I-Pods, and the like, what will my generation be known for in terms of advancing the cause of freedom, liberty and justice for all?  Will my generation be the one that will finally bring equality to all citizens of this country?  We have made great strides forward in providing a level playing field for all Americans, albeit we have a long way to go.

It is my dream for my generation, to undertake and achieve great things that empower people instead of tearing them down, treating all people the same by according the queer population all the rights and privileges that everyone else enjoys, instead of being treated as 2nd class citizens in terms of marriage equality, adoption rights, and all the other issues that go along with the queer liberation movement.  It is my dream and hope of my generation, that a vision of equality, respect for others and a society built on empowering the underprivileged be fulfilled.

I have unending faith in the power of the American Dream to move us forward toward that ultimate vision of the America I wish my generation to be known for working toward and achieving.  Equality for all shall come, but we have yet a long, arduous journey to traverse before it is the reality, the crowning victory that my generation accomplished proudly, without reservation.

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  1. In the last three generations of my family, there was the Civil War, the first flight of the Wright Brothers, WWI and II, the Great Depression, Korean War, Cold War, atomic bombs, Civil Rights of African Americans, LGBT and Pagans, computers, cell phones,and now i-Pads.
    My great grandfather was a Civil War veteran and fought in some of the worst battles, including Gettysburg and The Wilderness. My father was in World War 2 and in my life time have seen the Civil Rights movements that we are still involved in.
    One thing that many of the now growing up and coming out LGBT people have no idea of was the AIDS epidemic of the 80s and 90s, and the loss of almost whole generation.

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