Coming up in April: Abby Dees and Ruthie Alcaide

Coming up in the April issue:  Abby Dees and Ruthie Alcaide discuss the social gap that exists between gay men and lesbians, and some possible reasons why this is so.  You don’t want to miss this interview!

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Abby Dees is a Los Angeles based civil rights attorney-turned-author, speaker and syndicated columnist. Recently Abby has started contributing on-air interviews to IMRU Radio in Los Angeles. Abby wrote the book Queer Questions Straight Talk to help bridge the communication gap between the LGBT and straight communities. For more information about Abby, please You can also check out her new Facebook fan page for her column, which is Thinking Out Loud With Abby Dees.


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You may have seen Ruthie Alcaide on MTV’s Real World: Hawaii, and The Challenge programs. She’s now a college lecturer who loves travel, eating and adventures. You can find Ruthie via Twitter @RuthieAlcaide.  Ruthie also has a Facebook fan page that you should go and “like.”



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