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Stu Schwartz, Author of Lights On, Clothes Off
Stu Schwartz

Stu, a retired professor, taught human diversity courses for 30 years. His first college job, in 1964, was posing naked for art and photo classes— he still poses part-time! “Lights On—Clothes Off” ‘Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist’ is his first novel. He is an ongoing monthly contributor to Diversity Rules Magazine with his Sans Clothing Column. Stu welcomes your comments.

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I appreciate the emails I’ve been receiving. Many of you have asked interesting questions; I’ll address a few of them this month. For privacy and clarity, I’ve slightly edited some of the questions.

From KR. When did you realize that you’re an exhibitionist? And how did you know? I figured it out when I was in 4th grade as I loved getting naked for my friends when we played ‘Doctor.’ I always volunteered to be the patient who had to be examined and I pretended to object when I was told to take off my pants and then my underpants. But I took them off with a hidden smile. So I knew early in life but didn’t have a name for it.

From AC. Was it more difficult coming out as gay or as an exhibitionist? I was very fortunate that my gay self-discovery was rather easy. When I was a teen I told many of my friends and their reactions were mostly positive. When I was a college freshman I told my family and everyone was fully supportive. However, I kept my exhibitionism to myself and often worried about what would happen to me and my career if I were found out. But when I hit 40 something in my head told me to “get over it and be proud of who I am.” So I let just about everyone know. I was finally able to stop worrying and enjoy my real self.

From JN. What are your favorite exhibitionist activities? Three things come to mind. When I’m slowly undressing for an audience I get turned on by watching everyone’s eyes and expressions. I really enjoy being naked at a party when everyone else is fully dressed. And having people take photos of me when I’m nude is a fantastic high and it provides them with more ‘subject matter.’

From LS. During your nude adventures have you ever been embarrassed? Gosh yes! The first art class I posed for when I was 18, was at my college. I wasn’t an art major so I figured that I wouldn’t know anyone. Well, I was wrong as a couple of the art students were in one of my elective classes. When they walked into the studio my face turned red as I hadn’t anticipated knowing anyone. Another time, years later when I was making extra money by being a nude waiter at parties, I tripped and fell while carrying a tray of hors d’oeuvres. They went all over the host’s living room floor and I was horrified. But he was very nice as he and two guests helped me get up and clean up the mess.

From JC. Has the pandemic impacted your naked stuff? Totally! Pre-pandemic I was posing for drawing and photo workshops three to four times a month. Once we were in lockdown that stopped and now I’ve only been posing online about once a month. I much prefer posing in person.

From KF. How big are you? I replied back with a smiling emoji and asked if he wanted my shoe size. He didn’t answer. I hope he didn’t think I was rude.

From BH. Do you worry about photos of you circulating? Not at all. There are many out there and I’m proud of my naked adventures. Plus, as an exhibitionist, I love when photos or drawings of me are shared.

From FD. I’d love to see nude photos of you. Are they available? Yes, when requested, I gladly share a link to a free blog with a story about my posing along with many nude photos of me. So readers—if you want the link, ask me via email (be sure to state your age).

From RE. Have you gotten rich by being an exhibitionist? I wish. And so does my husband. But no.

From EK. Is your book a story about you or is it all fiction? Let’s just say that some parts of the book are non-fiction. The section, ‘Author Info’ on my website has an in-depth discussion of this. Check that out, please. Then you decide.

Chat with me about my novel! My book is all about nudity, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. If these are issues you’d like to discuss privately with me shoot me an email. I’m not a psychologist or a therapist. But I am a good listener and I always reply to readers’ emails. Website: Email:

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