Sans Clothing

Stu Schwartz

Stu Schwartz is a retired university professor who taught and conducted research related to human diversity issues for more than 30 years. His first college job, in 1964, was posing naked for art classes— he still poses part-time. He was a successful author of college textbooks. “Lights On—Clothes Off” ‘Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist’ is his first novel. Stu welcomes comments and questions related to his column or book. His email is For more information about his book go to

Think back to when you were about 18. For most people the idea of walking to the front of a classroom filled with their peers, undressing while everyone watched, and then standing there so everyone could study your entire body would be a “mission impossible.” This month’s column shares my first college job search—my “first-time naked in front of many eyes” experience.

I needed a job so I could afford to buy my books and to head out with my friends to the ‘Pizza Shack,’ a dive that was just off-campus. While checking the job postings bulletin board I found one that seemed like a possibility. “Models needed for art classes. Good pay & easy hours. See Professor Barger in the art department.” The “good pay & easy hours” got my attention. Plus I had a couple of neat outfits that would probably work.

After my classes were over for the day I headed to the art department and found Mrs. Barger. She was clear as she explained the requirements. “Here’s how it works. You’ll have to maintain easy-to-hold positions while the students draw you,” she said. “And you have the choice of posing in underwear or you could be naked.”

Seriously? Stand there wearing only my underwear in a room filled with fellow students? Or even wearing nothing? And some of the students would probably know me? I had my doubts until Mrs. Barger told me the pay. The hourly rate for posing in underwear was twice what my friends were making flipping burgers. And three times the going rate if I posed naked. No shirt. No socks. No khakis. No underwear. No anything! Damn!

I immediately blurted out, “I’d love the job. And sure, no underwear will work for me.”

Two weeks later I walked into the large, brightly-lit studio. There were short benches, with small platforms for propping up drawing pads, arranged in a semi-circle facing a raised platform. I was nervous as hell and could feel the sweat soaking my shirt as I watched the students arriving.

By 12:45 the room was just about full. I counted seventeen fully dressed college kids who were about to see me completely naked. I took in a deep breath when I recognized three of them from my required freshman classes. Two were girls who were in my biology class. One was James, a tall hot looking guy from my American History class. I admit that I was glad that more than half of the students were guys.

A few minutes after one Francine called the class to order. “This is Stu’s first time posing and I’m sure he’ll do a fine job. Since we’ve only had female models so far this semester it’s great that we finally can study male anatomy.”

“Alright, go ahead and undress and get into a comfortable standing position on the platform,” she said to me with a reassuring nod. “And let’s try this. How about putting your hands on your head. That will give everyone a good look at your torso.”

My hands were cold and I felt my cock stirring. I watched every student as they sat entranced while watching me undress. Mrs. Barger told her students that she wanted everyone, before they started their first drawing, to do a slow walk around the platform so they could view me from all angles.

I didn’t freak out. I didn’t run. I didn’t think of covering my partial erection. I loved watching everyone as they surveyed my body. I especially liked it when James paused directly in front of me. I watched his eyes devour my penis. His smile told me that this session was going to be awesome. And I knew that my new job was the best one on campus.

Your comments regarding my first art class experience or any topic related to “Sans Clothing” are welcomed. As space permits, I may include your thoughts in future columns. Thanks, ‘Stu’

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