In light of the Arizona shooting, I felt compelled to write about the importance of giving thanks for our lives and blessing and praising those who come in contact with us instead of tearing them down.  It is time that we reflect upon our actions and how they impact those around us.
Every action has a consequence.  There will always be someone that will take what we say and do to heart.  This is why we must make sure that what we are saying and doing is responsible.  Many do not take responsibility for their actions and for what they verbally express to others.  While we must give thanks for the ability to freely express our beliefs, what is the cost of total freedom to say and do whatever we want?
For those visibly working toward full equality for all, there is a responsibility to make sure we do not fall victim to the nastiness that the anti-gay forces utilize to express their viewpoint.  While it may seem attractive to lob the same type of insults and baseless claims that they throw at the LGBTQ community, it does not serve any purpose other than playing the game at their level.
We must stand taller and provide rational arguments for why we believe equal rights should be accorded to all people.  Responsible arguments always have a better chance of prevailing than irresponsible ones premised on false assumptions and fear.
I give thanks everyday for living in the greatest nation in the world.  While I believe that our nation has a long way to go in terms of fulfilling its inherent promise of liberty and justice for all, I would not live anywhere else in the world.  Each day is a new day that can bring new personal and collective opportunities for advancement.  We must continue to exercise our rights as Americans but in a responsible way that does not bring harm to another individual or group.
While I vehemently disagree with those who work against equality for all, I bless and praise them for their commitment and willingness to pursue what is in their hearts and remain true to their convictions.  However, the difference is that my convictions dictate seeking equality for all while theirs dictates suppression and inequality.  Which argument is the responsible one?
Equality and justice for all is the responsible argument.  To argue otherwise is to concur with baseless and irrational positions that support inequality and suppress the human spirit and one’s individuality.

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