Keep Up Now – Into the Light

Have you listened to people recount near death experiences and walking into the light?  It’s described as beautiful, peaceful; a sensation of absolute Love.  What is this light?  Where does it come from?  Where does it lead?  Are you frightened to know the answer?
I’ve been asking these questions my whole life.  Ask and you shall receive.  Be forewarned; you don’t always get the answers in the form you expect.  Ask for the truth and you receive a very messy life.  You get drama, chaos, disaster, pain and suffering…and a little bit of love ~ just to keep you in the game.   You see, these are all the necessary tools for spiritual growth.   Just when you’re dragged to the bottom… you get a glimpse of truth!  
My glimpse came in the form of light episodes.  At first, I noticed white light encircling people’s heads.  Then one day, while running, I observed the light outlining trees.  Soon, I could see…. It was surrounding everything!  During my “light episodes”, one thing remained the same; I was at peace.  There were no thoughts of fear cluttering my mind.  I didn’t conjure these episodes, they simply presented themselves.
As you journey the path of enlightenment, light episodes are a common phenomenon.  You start resonating with the frequency of light… which is what you are.  You are energy, love; light.  The entire world we subsist in is made up of light; blinking at different frequencies, giving shape and form to everything we see, touch and experience.
You don’t have to physically “die” to walk in the light, however, you do have to give up almost every thought you ever had about what is real, and what is an illusion.  Now I’ve got your ego’s attention.  Light is synonymous with Love.  Ego is synonymous with fear.  Fear and Love cannot coexist.  Be only Love…
Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source. 
“Who would walk first to the light?  This would serve as lessons in letting go.
We lose nothing more than the fear of unknown in that walk to the light.
Though it’s taken alone, it differs only in form from this life that we know. 
For the walk we continue through life and beyond; we take side by side one another with GOD. 
~ and so it continues the Love we have known.” – Rob Ludwig

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