Discover Your Life

Life is full of complications and issues that seem to drag us around without our permission.  As a result, we often sit and wonder why all this “stuff” is happening and why isn’t it happening to anyone else.  The truth is though, it is happening to everyone else as well.  We feel it isn’t because the drama is our own drama and that is all we really see and understand.
Often times we blame others, we blame ourselves or we just decide the universe is out to get us.  We sometimes question whether the universe is a friendly one and begin to doubt ourselves.  We cast mistrust on our own abilities to achieve great things because we allow life’s complications to overshadow the true meaning of our existence on this Earth.
Overcoming these feeling of self doubt and helplessness is a difficult thing to do.  It is especially difficult when a person is living their lives in a closet; hiding their true selves.  How can one not feel less than adequate or helpless when they deny the very essence of their being?  How can one possibly think the universe is not a friendly one when they feel it is causing them to hide their true selves and not discover their lives?
Your life has been waiting for you to discover it!  We deserve all the good things that life has to offer.  We only need to dig within ourselves to find the power to move forward.   The strength to get beyond all that is holding us back is hidden within ourselves.  We create ourselves.  Our own greatness is waiting for us to uncover it and to unleash its power to create the best person we can be.
Decide to overcome all those things holding you back.  They are nothing more than superficial blockages created in our own minds.  The power of the mind created them.  That same power can dissipate them.  Which choice shall you make?  Shall you continue to allow your mind to hold you back or will you decide to use the power of your mind to create situations that will propel you to greatness?
The choice is yours.  The power within is the answer.  Tap into that power and unleash your inner essence, your true being, your very soul, to guide you to becoming who you are truly meant to be.

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