Maneuvering the Darkness

By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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MeWe all have moments in our lives where we are cast into pits of darkness within which we seem to be rambling aimlessly.  These bouts of darkness are characterized with feelings of despair, lack of faith and a pre-eminent focus on living day-to-day and just paying the bills.  We lose sight of what is important and meaningful to us.  Our grand visions of who we wish to be becomes clouded.  We lose sight of the assuredness of the endless possibilities and opportunities that lay before us.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being immersed in darkness and aimless meandering.  It is during these times that we learn invaluable lessons upon which our future success will be dependent.  Wandering in the darkness stretches us and gets us motivated to seek something better than that which we have.  It is our “wake up” call where the universe humbles us and forces us to to take stock in what is important to us and to be grateful for what our lives currently offer us.

Wandering in the darkness is a perception, and even in times of fear, doubt and questioning we clearly have the ability to decide how we are going to react to that which life throws at us.  It is this thought process that will assist us in maneuvering through the darkness as well as help us to determine if we are to advance to the next level of consciousness and period of individual growth or if we are to remain floundering in the river of fear, doubt and mediocrity.

Blindly living our lives in these dark periods can seem dauntless and our insecurities tend to become bigger and more intimidating than they should be.  We feel like we are in a very dark place … groping the walls for the escape route or some sign we are heading the right way.  We keep asking ourselves where on earth is that flashlight when you need it!!!

The flashlight is always with us.  It is up to us to be the battery which fuels the flashlight.  However, our periods of darkness zap that battery and causes it to rundown a bit.  We then become sluggish and unmotivated.  We get caught up in worry and the drama of life, generally.  The path to the escape route for which we seek becomes dimmer to the point where we can’t see where it is any longer.

In order to keep our battery charged we must continually make the effort to grope forward out of the darkness with confidence and resolve.  We must consciously make a decision each and every day to not let ourselves become beholden to life with resignation that the cards we were given are the ones we must continue to play.

Some decide to keep the cards they were dealt because they offer a false sense of security.  They are content in their comfort zone of self-imposed mediocrity.  Others decide to take risks and trade in their hands for a different one.  There is always a chance that the new hand will be like or worse than the one traded off but conversely there is a chance that the new hand will take us to new heights of personal greatness never imagined before.  However, if we do not trade in our hands periodically we then would never create new possibilities to experience the personal greatness we all deserve.

If you are currently in a period of darkness do not despair.  You will find the motivation and necessary resolve to charge your flashlights if you consciously decide to move forward and not get dragged down by life’s distractions.  Light your way with your own personal greatness at the helm and not someone else’s perception of what your greatness should be.  The you that you can become awaits you.  Run toward your ultimate reality and don’t look back!


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