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Features Luke O’Donovan
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Sept_Cover_14The September issue of Diversity Rules Magazine has been released featuring Luke O’Donovan. In addition to Luke’s interview, the following is a partial listing of what’s coming up as well in September:

Keep Up Now: Terry Ludwig talks about listening to our inner voice.

Book Feature: The September issue features Natsuya Uesugi’s book, “Grydscaen:  War.”

Amazon Trail: Lee Lynch’s next installment entitled, “Butch Pockets.”

inQUEERies: Susan Thomas’ inQUEERies column.

Place Your Bets: Robert Saladarini’s next travel article focuses on day tripping and having a picnic.

Visiting Las Vegas: A guest travel article chronicling Las Vegas and all its wonders, compliments of the folks at Purple Roofs!

Remedies: Donny Winter returns with his thoughts on objectification through sexualization.

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