Keep Up Now – Unconditional Love

Today, I learned yet another lesson about unconditional love.  As we yearn to connect with other people, we quickly fall into fear. We worry about being judged and admired.  Let’s add others’ expectations; are you being attentive and providing them with enough of what they feel they are lacking?  Rest assured if you aren’t, they will let you know!
Have you ever been afraid you aren’t good enough; just the way you are?  Most of us have to answer, yes.  At some point in our lives, we were judged by a peer, a loved one, or even a stranger, and found not worthy. How did you react?  Did you modify yourself?  Have you learned how to become more likeable; more loveable?
Here again, you have a choice; love or fear?  It’s healthy to look upon yourself with love, go inside and make modifications that reveal a more loving and happier self. In turn, these modifications reflect a radiant being.  You become a magnet and a beacon to all who witness you.
On the flip side, there is fear.  Fear based modifications make you lose sight of yourself, sacrifice who you are, and no longer reflect your authentic self.  When you change who you are solely to get something from someone else; love, approval, money; this downward spiral alienates you further from your brothers and yourself.  You become unappealing, unloving, worsening the situation.
You are Love; you are perfect; you have simply forgotten who you are.  You tried to become what you think everyone else wanted you to be. They projected their fears onto you and you accepted them as your own. 
~ “Keep up with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.”
“Has someone said you were truly special?  It’s not by chance we recognize each other in our travels.  My mother once said, “so that you know, you are not like the others”.  I knew that than, but as I grew, harsh reality unfolded, and pain I found, known now as fear; the common thread among us here.  So I was one, just like the rest, apart from none and that would test my life’s long lesson.  Who am I?  I cried unto the heavens and in reply I recognized my creator’s lullaby.  You are mine, all that I have I will set before you.  Trust, my son, my will be done, in love I shall surround you.” – Rob Ludwig

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