Keep Up Now – Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be grateful for the opportunity to be alive. Rob never took his life for granted.  He cherished every moment to the very end.
The last time I saw Rob, he came to visit me in a dream.  He was leaning against a wall; arms crossed, head slightly tilted, looking quizzically at me. “Why are you not doing what you are supposed to be doing?” he asked.  I was confused, at first.  I wasn’t quite sure what he meant.  I was working, raising my children, tending to my home.  His question pierced deeper into my soul until it struck the thing to which he was referring.  I wasn’t living “my life”.
 Like most, I was hurrying through daily tasks of things to do, worrying about what I had to get to next, and thinking about yet another list of items needing my attention.  I had fallen into the mundane chore of daily existence. I wasn’t experiencing being present; being in the moment.  I wasn’t truly living at all.   
We have been given this wonderful opportunity to experience “life”, but most of us plunge into the ever emergent mode of survival, which has little to do with living. We forget to be present; therefore we aren’t truly experiencing life at all.  Rob is done here, but he left behind a reminder for us who remain.  We have the rest of our lives, however long that might entail, to be in this world.  Be thankful for this amazing opportunity and fully present to experience this wonderful gift of being. 
Thank you Rob, for reminding us life is a gift, and shouldn’t be taken for granted, and urging us to be present and to “Keep up Now” with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.
“I reach beyond my arms, the stars, the planes to where my thoughts suspend until I find myself again.  Self here on earth, I board once more for however long unsure; knowledge spans the ages.  My purpose is to serve my own soul’s recognition. I am only stuart to these revelations and so I trust my intellect unto those who will soon be left, my loved ones all to carry thru, to their endeavors purpose true to share to care to comfort one another.  I shall not stay, but love remains that of a lover, brother.” – Rob Ludwig

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