Keep Up Now – Relationships Are Our Greatest Gift

Relationships are our greatest gift.  As we struggle to understand love and the true meaning of life, our relationships come forth as abundant opportunities to evolve.
Have you ever asked God, or Love, or the Universe to show you the truth? ~ the meaning of life? ~ the meaning of love?  I have; many times.  And just as many times I received the means to find the answer.  They came in forms of relationships; to self, to people, to places and objects, each by diverse names, and causes.  Nevertheless, all came bearing the same retort; “know thyself”. 
I was confused, at first, by the gifts being offered to me by these relationships.  I was looking for love, happiness and a feeling of belonging.  I kept asking for guidance, for truth, for devotion.  Why were all of my relationships doomed to fail?  The message became clearer with every journey.  Each relationship has offered me the opportunity to take a step toward myself.
The gift is in the journey.  We fail to see goodness and love in ourselves and, therefore, in others.  With each failed attempt to find happiness outside of ourselves, we learn to go inside; allowing true vision in the form of love to replace our fear. We begin to know our Self as Love.
Most of us do not know what love is.  We try to attain love through our relationships. This is not love; but need.  To truly love, we must learn to give love as an extension of who we are; without expectation. We are Love.
Count your blessings and the many instances you have been shown love, as well as the many opportunities you have been given to “be” love by choosing love over fear.  Gratitude is a wonderful way to cultivate love.
It is important to remember this; you are exactly where you need to be at every moment.  Lessons will come when you are ready to accept them.  The only question you need to ask yourself now is this, “How long do I want to delay my happiness?”
“We must not feel guilty for what we don’t see.  Truly the intent is life.  We take on as much as we can in the course of our evolution, so we see only that which we are ready to accept.” – Rob Ludwig
“Keep up with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.”

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