Keep Up Now – Has Being Angry Ever Brought Happiness?

When my brother Rob, contracted the HIV virus at the age of 20 he was angry.  He should have been planning his future; instead, he received a death sentence.  Back then, it was a 10 year plan before full blown AIDS took grasp, followed by certain, agonizing death.  He vowed to do as much living as he could during the ten years he had before the disease took the best of him.  He invested, he played beach volleyball, he travelled, he snowboarded, he climbed mountains, he hiked… he lived like he was dying; literally.  But, as I mentioned, he was angry.  He felt cheated, betrayed and victimized.  He saw a cruel and vengeful world. 
Who could argue? It simply wasn’t fair.   
We’ve all been betrayed, disappointed, and put in impossible situations.  We all have a right to be angry; the question is, has being angry ever brought you closer to happiness?
When Rob felt his body failing, he decided to take his life and attempted suicide. Fate had a different plan.  Rob came face to face with his greatest fear, death.  During his healing, his vision was transformed and he turned away from his anger/fear and chose Love instead.
Remember times in your life when you felt love.  Were you happy?  Did you notice your life hummed along in a joyful, contented way?
Rob lived ten added cheerful years following a path of choosing Love.  Changing his vision altered his entire world.  His renewed sense of self inspired a feeling of complete acceptance, love and awareness. He was no longer bitter and angry.  His fate remained, however, he now chose love, not fear; happiness in place of anger.
Every thought you consider makes up the world you see. There is no point in trying to change the world.  It cannot be changed because it is merely an effect of your thoughts.  Instead, change your thoughts, and your world will change automatically.  The choice is yours; it will present itself repeatedly.  You will have abundant opportunities to choose love over fear.  The amount of happiness you experience in this lifetime is up to you. 
“You hold the key to love or fear, all in your trembling hand… just one key unlocks them both, it’s there at your command.” ~ The Young Bloods, Get Together.
“Keep up with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.”

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