Keep Up Now – You Have to Give It Away

In order to keep it, you have to give it away.  This statement is in direct opposition to the thinking of the world.  How can you have something, if you give it away?  Material possessions come and go, however, the thought you hold about yourself remains.  The same holds true for non material resources such as peace and love. The worth resides in your consciousness.  When you are complete and in need of nothing, your consciousness reflects abundance.  In contrast, if you live in fear of losing what you have, or of not having enough, your consciousness will reflect need, and you will experience lack.
            You may argue, if you have little material wealth, you will experience lack and if you have many material possessions, you will experience abundance.  However, your perceived reality of abundance will coincide with your mind’s thought about what you are and what is valuable regardless of the measure of material wealth you possess.  A man may appear to have all of the material possessions he could possibly desire, but still be left wanting.  He perceives himself as lacking because his consciousness is experiencing need.  Therefore, no matter how much he has, materially, he will not know himself as abundant and he will not experience happiness.  In contrast, a person who knows he is plentiful, may or may not have many material possessions, but will always experience abundance and know true happiness.  An abundant person has no need to hold on to anything.
“To have, give all to all.”- ACIM.  This is true of material possessions as well as peace and love.  “To have peace, teach peace to learn it.” – ACIM.  Life is like a river flowing; if you impede it on either end, it will stop flowing, creating chaos. Look within…your wholeness resides inside of you.  Keep up Now, with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source!
“We are all witness to aspects of our own individual evolution in this life.  Still, the more attached to this physical place we remain the less likely we are to be conscious of that growth.  There are those who, for whatever reason, seem to stagnate in this realm.  For them, what they see is all there is.  Their life’s measure; material possession.  Ironically, even this accumulation has potential spiritual value.  The key to unlocking its’ treasure is in giving it away.” – Rob Ludwig

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