Keep Up Now – The Blue Pill or The Red Pill?

“Life carries with it creative energy.  Each one, whole, whose lives are absolute at conception, creates in a world of misconception and illusion.  We were not alone in this manifest creation.  Nor was it our collective intention but surely we cannot resist but to breathe.  Consciously or passively, our destiny is fulfilled.  All that is necessary for evil to prosper is for good to do nothing.  These illusions we live, order of our own making, give structure to our greatest fears.  Indeed; that was our intent all along; an adaptation to our host, the living earth.  We witness what we see as survival of the fittest, in mortal fear we respond.  We harness that which has agreed to host and sustain us and in doing so enslaved our very souls; replacing harmony with discord and elevating our fears.
One’s life’s perceptions, likely adopted and having evolved from one’s experience, serve in kind to shelter him from larger realities.  To expand your experience beyond the archetype of your given body is to shed the shell that is man and embrace your human soul.” – Rob Ludwig
And so it is; we have a choice.  Do we take the blue pill; or the red pill? As in the Matrix, the red pill will answer the question “what is truth?”, but it will cost you everything you thought you knew.  Are you ready to give up the illusions that give structure to your fearful life? Reality, truth, is worth pursuing, but there is no turning back.  Once you know the truth, you cannot deny it; your awareness will not tolerate delusions. Your life will be agonizingly painful until you follow the path of truth.  It will force you to take a stand, where others will step back.  It will force you to walk the path, where others will waver.  It will force you to grow, to evolve and to change; where others will stagnate.  With knowledge comes responsibility and in the end, you will finally know the truth…
To be in this world, entails interacting with other people. They all act and seem so different…The challenge is to know them all as One.  The choice is yours.  I took the red pill.  I can’t go back. Would I, if given the choice?  Not on your illusory life! 
“Keep Up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source!”

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