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Last week, my column touched on “light episodes”; the nature of our true reality and being “the light”.  Today, we’ll focus on people who have crossed over, gone into the light and have come back to enlighten us.  My mother was one such being.
My mother was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer at age sixty.  She endured several grueling head and neck surgeries, followed by subsequent treatments.  Nevertheless the cancer always found its way back. During her recovery periods, we talked about life.  When it was clear her body could no longer rebound, I asked her what she thought it would be like; when she crossed over.    She said she knew what it was like; I was with her the day she crossed over.  She described “being “in the light”, a magnificent sensation of absolute love.   She acknowledged she would have stayed if I had not beckoned her return.   
 My mind raced back ten years previous.  I tried reaching my mother by phone for several days with no success and decided to check in on her.  I found her lying in her bed like a corpse.  I reached for her hand; it was stiff.  Rigamortis.  I recoiled from her body; “She’s dead”, I surmised.  I leaned toward her, trying to detect an indication of life.  At that moment, something overtook me; I climbed on the bed, straddled her body and shook her shoulders wildly.  “Mom!”, I yelled.  “Mom!“ , “MOM!”  Her eyes shot open!  They were blank and lifeless; a nervous response?  I screamed again “MOM!”; she blinked several times, drew a shallow breath and attempted to utter a response.  Slowly she gasped “wwwhhhaaat?”  I put the experience out of my mind; concluding, I must have imagined it.
Her experience allowed her to assimilate the knowledge of her true nature, Love.  She was able to know heaven on earth; making peace with her children and herself.  
We can know heaven or hell right now… the choice is ours.  It is our inability to realize who we are that keeps us blind to the happiness and joy that is ours today.  Be only Love.
Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.  
“Forsake this, life, it’s your to do, but know what all is offered you.  Of man, true Love is greatest all, be glad with that and stay awhile.” – Rob Ludwig

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