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By Terry Ludwig
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Terry_ludwig_colorTerry’s brother Rob died of AIDS in 2004 and left her his writings of which Keep Up Now is the result.  To find out how to manifest happiness and abundance, check out Terry’s website at:  Terry can be reached at:

How are you feeling this holiday season?  Do the sights and sounds make you cheery?  Is your heart full of joy?  

If you’re like me, your thoughts are immediately directed toward your relationship with your partner, your family and your friends.   Your relationships play a huge role in the amount of joy you experience every day, and those feelings are magnified during the holidays. The constant drone of holiday music, advertisements and revelries suggest this is a time to rejoice with those you love.  Whether you are with friends and family or by yourself this holiday, it’s a great time of year to take inventory on your happiness.

Happiness is an inside job.     Happiness has nothing to do with others and everything to do with you!  The holidays have a way of stirring the pot and bringing our true feelings to the surface.

Take time to do a little self care maintenance.  Think of it as a Christmas list to your Self. 

Dear Self,

This year, I ask that you….

1.  Love me, with all of your heart – and tell me so several times a day; even wrap your arms around me and hug me….  If you don’t love me, I won’t be able to share that love with others.

2.   Promise to take care of me and keep me safe from harm. Always keep my best interest at heart, with every decision you make.

3.  Listen to your gut… It always knows the answer.

4.  Exercise my body, every day.  I would like to keep it for as long as I can.

5. Feed me nourishing food so I can be strong enough to truly enjoy this life.

6. Take time to meditate and quiet my mind.  I need to connect to my Source to gain insight and guidance because this world can be very confusing.

7.  Surprise me! Take me out to try something new; make a point to introduce me to new people.  The Universe is waiting for me! 

8. Do something extra special for me, every day, to show me how much you love me.  You know what makes me smile!  Remind me how important it is to laugh and enjoy this life.

9.   Volunteer to help someone in need, and take time to care for others; it opens my heart.

10.   Help me to remember all of the things I have to be thankful for, every day, so I can create my life from a place of gratitude and abundance.

Thank you!

The holidays are a great time to remember the importance of Love.  Happiness can be yours and you can share it with others, but other people can’t make you happy. Reclaim your power and your glory this holiday season. The time of rebirth is here… And it’s happening inside of you!  You are Love.

Keep up Now ~ with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.


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