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By Terry Ludwig
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terry_ludwig (80 x 100)Terry’s brother Rob died of AIDS in 2004 and left her his writings of which Keep Up Now is the result.  Terry can be reached at

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” Ralph Waldo Emerson.  We all set goals for ourselves, based on achievements.  Many times these are measured in material possessions such as automobiles, homes, jewelry and toys.  We also set goals for career, education, monetary gains and family interests.  These goals require schedules, responsibilities and day to day tasks.  We become so focused on the outcome; we tend to overlook our day to day experiences.  We get up, think about what we want to accomplish, and hurry through the day.  We make lists that need attending, and hurriedly work through tasks, errands and duties, all the while longing for the evening to come when we can finally put our feet up, go for a jog or relax in a hot bath. Some of us begin Sunday evening, longing for the following week-end to arrive because we’ve already mentally stressed ourselves out about what the coming week will bring.  We discount all of the minutes, hours and days in between, as if they are worthless.

Life really is about the journey.  What’s more, we fail to see countless opportunities that present themselves each and every minute because we are so focused on the outcome.  We have become blind to the most precious creative moment there is; NOW. 

What we are doing NOW, and every moment after this instant is creating our life into being.  By discounting these moments, we miss out on opportunities to manifest the life of our greatest happiness. 

Today, I want to challenge you to stay present.   Get the most out of each instant.  Whether it is driving to work, performing mundane tasks, or talking to a client; stay present and in the moment.  Try not to think about the end goal, actually pay attention and be conscious to what is going on around you. It could be as simple as finding gratitude in a sip of coffee, or looking up to the sky and feeling the joy of sunshine caressing your face.   Be creative and ask yourself, “what can I do to fully appreciate this instant,” and do it! 

Furthermore, ask yourself “what can I do to be of the greatest service to this person at this moment?”  Giving of yourself automatically puts you in a creative mode of abundance and, therefore, attracts abundance to you.
These are simple effects that can be done many times during the day.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easily they will convey to you success, happiness and abundance. Your world will quickly be transformed.  Instead of focusing on the end result and hurrying to your next task, pause a moment and implement a new way of being in the world, right now, at this moment.  This is the creative moment that will propel you on to success.

Just being present, offering gratitude and being of service, will set a new chain of events into motion and create happiness and abundance in your life!  The universe presents countless opportunities to bring you happiness; it is your awareness of how to utilize them that allows them to become creative forces in your life.

Keep up Now with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.

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