It is Gay Easter Time!

Tony Guadagnino

Tony Guadagnino is a marketing consultant. Located in New Jersey, his clients are based across the country, focusing on social media to build their presence on the internet. He studied creative writing in college and is currently working on his first novel on the subject of bullying. He lives with his partner Mark. This month Tony talks about Gay Easter Time!

Easter is a time of chocolate, spring, baby chicks, bunnies, and warming weather. What’s not to love?

Easter is about rebirth and renewal. Whether you follow the Christian belief that Jesus had risen from the dead, or you follow the pagan tradition of the Easter Bunny, colored eggs, jellybeans, and the infamous Easter parade, it’s a spiritual time in our lives.
As the world continues to open up, and people are returning to planes, trains, and automobiles (ok, that one never disappeared), spring is a great time to get out and do things LGBT-style!

First Stop: New Orleans

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If you’re looking for something traditional, this is where you should go. New Orleans hosts its annual Easter Parade, better known as the GAY Easter Parade. Instead of a walk down 5th Avenue (like in NYC), everyone can follow its leisurely route through the French Quarter, passing every gay bar and many gay-owned restaurants and retail shops. Participants of the parade can ride horse-drawn carriages or floats while wearing showy versions of their Easter Sunday finest. And of course, since it’s New Orleans, do not be surprised if you see a gaggle of motorcycle men wearing their leather and Easter bonnets. (Getting a visual?) Spectators of the parade can expect to see and catch plenty of beads and other throws. (Again, it’s New Orleans.)

There is also an annual Easter Bonnet Contest at Good Friends Bar, an LGBT neighborhood bar in the French Quarter. This contest is open to everyone, and you know some of the bonnet entries can get pretty outlandish. The crowd votes for the winners, and you can expect (with certainty) to hear impromptu renditions of Irving Berlin’s classic song “Easter Parade.” After all, the Judy Garland / Fred Astaire / Ann Miller film is being reproduced.

Next Stop: Barcelona

If you prefer to leave the country and party with circuit boys from around the world, then head to Barcelona for the 3-Day Easter Spring Break. Starting on Good Friday (no pun intended), the HEN PARTY at the Safari Disco Club is one of the wildest venues in Barcelona. Party all night and move to INPUT the next day, INPUT “…. Emerges with a somewhat industrial look as the perfect vehicle to rediscover club culture and the ideal chance to enjoy a fun experience.” End on Easter Sunday at the Club Razzmatazz, one of the biggest clubs in Barcelona with a capacity of 2,000 people.

Next Stop: San Francisco

If you wish to stay national, the heart of the gay community, San Francisco and participate in EASTER SUNDAY IN THE PARK!

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Each year on Easter Sunday, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (better known as the cross-dressing nuns) host an all-day party in Dolores Park. Get there early to find a good spot, but the event officially starts at 1 pm. Bring a picnic basket of delicious treats and enjoy a unique San Francisco tradition which includes an Easter Bonnet Contest, burlesque, marching bands, and a load of fun.

Drag Icon Peaches Christ emcees the evening shows, which include a drag-variety show, live performances, and the Holy Acts perform, too.

Last Stop: Houston

Yes, HOUSTON TEXAS has an event for us. Thousands of people gather on the shores of Buffalo Bayou for the big BUNNIES OF THE BAYOU Event on Easter Sunday. This event brings creative costumes, cocktails, and tons of fun. Visitors from California to New York Island head to this party each year to celebrate Easter. And as a bonus: all of the proceeds go to local charities. Plus, when the event is over, hundreds of gay bunnies will hop around to the gay bars across Houston for the after-parties, so the fun doesn’t end.

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This one has everything you would be searching for: drinks, twinks, costumes, and great guest DJs.

There are so many more events to participate in, but here is just a highlight of the four I found the most interesting. If you’re planning a traditional family get-together where relatives argue (like Thanksgiving), and you want something more, have some fun and do something different. It’s the rebirth of a new season; start a new tradition for yourself.

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