Impart Wisdom to Others Freely

Wealth and prosperity are usually terms associated with money and financial matters.  When one is wealthy it generally means that they have a lot of money in the bank and are most times influential in matters of business.  We also would like to think that well-to-do individuals have some philanthropic commitment to humanity, generally.
In much more subjective terms, however, wealth and prosperity do not necessarily equate to matters grounded in money.  An individual can be wealthy and prosperous in spirit and have a benevolent outlook on life and toward the humans and other creatures encompassed within one’s existence and yet have very little monetary worth.  In this instance one’s philanthropic commitment may be more focused on improving the human condition and imparting wisdom to others, thus touching other people’s lives in a much more meaningful way than money ever could.
How many rich people have you known that seem to be void of any obligation to helping others or reaching out to someone who has been wronged or just in need of a helping hand.  Conversely, there are people struggling with their own lives, just trying to make ends meet, but yet, they are constantly offering what little they have to others; thinking of someone else’s well being before their own.  It would appear, anecdotally anyway, that when wealthy people have some grounding in the converse situation, they seem to have more of an appreciation of the human condition and the needs of those less fortunate.
In the context of LGBTQ issues, how many times have you seen a LGBT person turn the other cheek and deny a helping hand to someone else struggling with their sexuality?  They make a conscious decision to withhold their wealth of knowledge, their wisdom, and do not give of themselves in a prosperous way to help someone in need with a kind word, a smile or some other reassuring gesture to make them feel that they are not alone.
If you are out, do not be void in your obligation to help someone else not yet out of the closet.  Remember the days of your solitary anguish and use your experiences to help others move forward toward becoming who they truly were born to be.  You do not need to be wealthy to be generous with your willingness to help others become strong, complete and prosperous LGBTQ individuals.  Decide to impart yourselves to others and not keep yourself within yourself, thus touching no one in a beneficial way.

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