Healing is a process of repairing a defect.   If we cut ourselves, or have to have some type of surgery, our bodies undergo a process by which the damage is mended.  Most times the only remnant of the damage is an innocuous scar that remains with us for the rest of our lives.
We also experience many instances of mental duress that can cause pain and suffering and depending on the severity of the situation, can be much more debilitating than a physical injury.  Healing this type of mental wound can take many years.  Sometimes individuals never really recover from the traumatic consequences related to damage to the mind and how we perceive ourselves resulting from that damage.
The reactions to damage to the mind are dependent upon the person.  Some people turn within themselves, thus never letting anyone inside to help them cope with the issue, causing more harm to one’s psyche.  Others seem to yell and scream about the wrong done to them but never really take actions to correct the situation.  They simply complain and bemoan how terrible things are.  In both scenarios, people who otherwise might have been willing to offer help and guidance are repelled away.
These instances are the extremes; both are very unhealthy and do not deal with the root cause of what is causing the problem.  Unresolved anger and hate are the predominant emotional responses.  Anger and hate in these instances become self defeating and just simply put us in a downward spiral, creating an inability to control our emotions.  We often times end up hurting the ones that love and care for us.
LGBT persons especially are adversely impacted by damage to the mind; constantly being told they are abnormal, and that they will never be able to function in society like everyone else.  Many simply end up hating themselves, taking their anger out on those that care for them and create an unseen barrier to the world.  When someone crosses that barrier, they are shut out and turned away.
Instead of unresolved anger and hate, ground yourself in love, especially love of self.  Turn inward and reflect upon your life.  However, do not allow yourself to go so far within yourself that you shut out those that can help you deal with your conflicts.  Remove those things that cause conflict but retain and amplify what will propel you forward to achieve your personal greatness.

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