Healthy Body, Healthy Mind or Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

We often times hear the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind.”  It assumes that if we keep our bodies in good shape that our mind will follow suit.  This certainly is true to an extent but when one thinks about it, the converse is much more appropriate.  The mind directly determines the state of our physical and emotional health.
How many times have you been immersed in worry and stressing over drama in your life?  How did you physically feel?  Don’t you feel drained and lifeless?
I know when I am under stress and worrying about “stuff” I tend to feel tired and burned out and just want to take a nap.  Other physical abnormalities tend to occur such as headaches, upset stomachs or other such conditions that intrude on my physical health.
Constant worry, fear and stress will eventually take its toll on one’s body.  So when you think about it, the health of one’s mind clearly determines the physical well being of the body.
Being in the closet is a horrific experience, characterized by helplessness, loneliness and a feeling of abandonment.  Taken to an extreme, these feelings can cause sickness and mental instability directly related to stress and worry.
I was plagued with panic attacks at one point in my life, which I believe was one of the reasons that propelled me forward to come out of the closet and live my life the way I was supposed to.  I finally got tired of feeling like I was going to die and sequestering myself in my home out of fear that something was going to happen to me.  I had to be near a phone in case there was a need to call someone for help.  Fear and worry had a tight grip on me so much that it was adversely impacting my health.
A mind based in fear can play severe and often times devastating tricks on one’s psyche to the point where illness and in some cases suicide is inevitable.  Stop and think about the thoughts you harbor in your head.  Think about how you feel when you are worrying about things that usually never happen.
Take charge of your mind and think uplifting thoughts and you will be amazed at how your physical condition improves.  You deserve no less.  The power to change is within.  Summon that power and live your lives in peaceful harmony with your true self.

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