Create Your Own Momentum

By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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JRK (75 x 75)Within us all there is a dormant power that many times stays dormant for one’s entire lifetime.  In others, it may take some time to find, but once found and the spark is ignited, this energy within us becomes uncontrollably powerful.  Yet even in some others, this power is ignited from the day they begin to cognizantly think. 

Of the many powers that are innately born within us, the power of momentum is one which in all instances of our lives was the driving force behind anything great we achieved.  Without momentum the engines of thought and creativity cannot fire.  In order for us to move forward in life, we must always ignite the fire of momentum and create it if it does not exist.

For those people who utilize their power of momentum from the very first day of their lives, I do commend you.  It is an amazing feat to be able to be naturally motivated and create the momentum needed to compel you forward each day.  Most people, however, need to mobilize their momentum, and it can be a very onerous task.  But once it is set ablaze, the blaze, the very essence of your soul, propels us forward to do the great things that have been divinely implanted within us all.

Our society has a way of tempering our motivation and resultant momentum.  People that we associate with each day try to dissuade us from doing what we are inherently supposed to do.  Many fall victim to the forces of inertia and don’t get out of their own way.  They fester and stew in their self-induced agony brought upon by fear; fear of what others may think and more importantly, the fear of achievement and stepping out of their comfort zone to create new challenges and opportunities.

There is an ever present danger that we fall into the abyss of the many flock of people on the Earth that never awaken to their possibilities.  They become entrenched in their lives and are held hostage to the issues befalling them, and don’t see beyond to the larger vision of what life is meant to be.  We must all be keenly aware of that danger and discern at what point we must take action to change course, and to begin to tap into the internal life force of our souls, and its connection to the universal power that surrounds us all.

Momentum to have the courage to change course and not look back or second guess decisions made, is the driving force behind all that we do.  Momentum can be forced upon us by external entities and their influence.  We are driven forward resulting from something we do not want.  Conversely, momentum can be self-created, driven by a clear vision of who and what we want to be.  The latter is clearly the situation we all should want to strive for.  It is always much better to move forward with our lives, and achieve our divine purpose, propelled by a self-created vision rather to have it occur due to the negative forces of others.

We are all souls traveling through time, and each of our purposes is uniquely ours.  We cannot expect others to believe what we do, and be as forceful and aggressive in their self-exploration as some of us may be.  Each person has their own bounds and levels of consciousness, and are evolving just as we evolved, in fulfilling the mission instilled and chosen by our souls themselves to experience in this current manifestation.

Despite divine implantation of our purpose within, the choice to seek it out is ours.  The mission is always there but we must take the steps necessary to discover all that we are supposed to know.  It is not given to us nor is the path forward to finding our mission an easy one to traverse.  Life will define what happens to us, but it is the reaction to what happens to us and the ability to discern which course of action or choice is the best one for us that is much more important.

Where are you in your life?  Have you begun to question more and more what is inside and that which drives you to do the things you do.  Has your awakening begun?  Are forces stirring within you that didn’t before?  Take action and hone into your intuition and listen to those “gut feelings” for your soul is stirring and propelling you forward to your next plateau. 

The awakening I personally have experienced and will continue to experience, is incredible and the momentum it has unleashed is beyond my wildest imagination.

My moment where I chose to break the bounds of my self-imposed prison came in July of this year after an agonizing 2 1/2 years of deliberation.  The momentum of that very negative situation was what propelled me to make the decision to leave my stable (?), comfortable surroundings for one grounded in uncertainly, and requiring a degree of faith like no other time in my life.  I departed an environment that was increasingly becoming more and more toxic, and was beginning to eat away at my insides.  The seeds of irreparable harm to my psyche and mental stability had begun to take firm root.  We must decide at which point we pull those roots up forcefully and destroy them once and for all.  I have made that decision.

I encourage you to make that decision as well.  You need to and you will when you are ready, and are driven by your own self-created momentum.  Once you begin to unleash your own internal energy and link it to the universal power, the possibilities are endless.  New opportunities and people will present themselves to you because of synchronicity of your energy, your vibrations, with those of the universe and the energy that controls all creation.  Embark forward and don’t look back and never second guess your decisions.  Be brave and know within yourself that the choices you make are the right ones for you.


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