Diversity Is More Than “Gay”

By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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JRK (75 x 75)“Diversity” is a very encompassing word.  It’s meaning is as diverse as the people on the Earth.  It means different things to different people.

In terms of Diversity Rules Magazine, it has primarily been focused on the queer community and its own diversity.  Since its inception in 2006 its focus has honed in on all things “gay” and has promoted LGBTQ writers, publishers, artists and others.  Of late, I have had a number of people express their view to me that diversity is much more than just “gay” and encompasses a much broader spectrum of thought and that Diversity Rules should attempt to celebrate the broader context of diversity and truly live up to its name “Diversity Rules.”

I have always had a hesitation to expand the magazine’s content to a much wider focus.  I have seen many queer publications that were exemplary in the way they highlighted the uniqueness of the gay community and celebrated that which set it apart from the rest of society, only to transform themselves into another run of the mill “glam” magazine that lost sight of its initial purpose.  I made a vow that Diversity Rules would never fall victim to that “neutering” by becoming more mainstream and appealing to a wider audience, at the expense of the community which made it what it is today.

After some additional thought, I have begun to see the merit in reserving some of the magazine’s pages to accommodate perspectives of diversity that are not necessarily exclusively “gay.”  It is not to enhance the image of Diversity Rules Magazine as a politically correct, mainstream publication, out to not offend and be another of the many examples of antiseptic drivel being promulgated by the politically correct, corporate controlled interests within our community.  Far from it.  It will always be cutting edge, insightful and provocative, and will push the limits of society’s views of how things should be.  It will never be a conformist publication that is afraid to say what needs to be said and will continue to satisfy the many varied interests within our queer tent.  However, by including a more broad based perspective of diversity, the magazine will celebrate other viewpoints shared by our African American, Latino and other ethnic communities, that may not necessarily be queer, but touch upon many of the same issues important to the queer community; equality, justice, and social activism!

Beginning with the December issue a new tagline will appear on the cover, and has already made an appearance on the website; “Diversity Rules Magazine:  Celebrating the diversity of our humanity.”  We are all part of the human race, and we all must learn to get along and foster acceptance of each other’s differences; gay, straight or otherwise.  By expanding the magazine’s focus, it is the hope that it will touch more of a chord with those who are not LGBTQ but are sympathetic to the community’s battle for equal rights, and expand its readership to other sectors of our diverse community, outside those who identify as “queer,” “gay,” “lesbian,” or “transgender.”

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