Coming Up in November: Sir JET

Diversity Rules Magazine

Sir_Jet_2The mysterious and alluring Joel Evan Tye returns to the music scene with his most recent transformation of Sir JET. I am Sir JET. His mission in life is to help people see that men can be as expressive and elegant as women in their own right. We are all a little male, we are all a little female, and our ability to discover and accept this inner duality allows us to embrace our whole selves, as well as see everyone as our equal: all beautiful figures making our way through this journey of life.

You can get a sense of what Sir JET and his mission is all about by going to the current issue of Diversity Rules Magazine on page 21.

Go “like” him at his Facebook page and tell him you can’t wait to see him on the cover of Diversity Rules in November!

Check out his promo video on YouTube too!

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