October Issue Released: Features Stella Lillig

Diversity Rules Magazine

Lillig_Blog_PhotoDiversity Rules Magazine proudly announces the release of the October issue featuring Stella LIllig.

Stella Lillig lives and works in New York City. She was born in Bogotá, Columbia,  into  an artistic Jewish family, she was determined, from a young age, to confront the issues of living in an aesthetically  beautiful, but  politically and socially corrupt land.

She began   painting at 10, and  in an effort to develop a unique perspective  and assert her own values  and emotions, she resolved to explore  the world and discover more  enriching cultures through her   travels.  She has been influenced by her  experiences in numerous  places: Bogotá, London, Cambria, Rome,  Florence, Hamilton, St. George, Ensenada, San Juan, San Pedro, St. Croix, Martinique, Des Moines, San Francisco, and her adopted home,  New York City.

As a self-taught visual artist, she brings to the canvas a perfect contrast between earthy art and raw, almost industrial looking abstractions. Stella constructs the ideal frame for her works. Made of concrete, each frame gives her pieces a unique 21st-century quality and an antique, yet futuristic appearance. Stella exhibits her artwork  in Manhattan.

“In her paintings, She continues to passionately express her state of mind with bright colors, geometric patterns and collages. Her recent creations are inspired by music, places,  people and the emotions they evoke.”

Visit Stella’s website at:  http://www.stellalillig.com.

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