All Books Must Come to an End

By Jim Koury, Editor, Diversity Rules Magazine

magnus_Jim I want to touch briefly on a topic that I was prompted to address after I saw a quote on Facebook.  I find a lot of great stuff on Facebook which is insightful and very useful.  The quote is as follows:  “There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.”

Our lives are like a book.  It is comprised of many pages that describe different phases of our lives.  As in a real book the pages of our life must periodically come to an end.  It is just the natural course of things.

Many times we feel sad when a book of our life closes.  However, we must look upon the end as a new beginning of a new book.  While we tend to get melancholy when a period of our life comes to a close, we need to look upon that end in an optimistic way and embrace the new book and the changes that it may bring.

We simply must have the courage to forge ahead and begin the new installment of our lives.  There are many other “books” to read if we choose to take a chance and read them.

I know during the course of my life there have been many books that have come to a close, some voluntarily and others involuntarily.  Most times I looked upon those endings with trepidation, but it was not long before something new came along and the old book then became a fading memory.

As a queer individual, you must decide to close your book that was read in the closet.  Until that is done, there will be no, or very little movement forward.  When we come out, there are many new books to read and enjoy.  Don’t miss out on them by staying in the closet cowering in fear.  Have courage, and come out.  Read the many new books that await you.

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  1. So true…likened to…as one door closes in your life…at first discouraging…but then you notice other doors beckoning…new paths, new explorations…but as you entered…the experiences and wisdom you have attained comes with you….to build upon…evolve…become who you are always becoming.

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