Caitlyn’s Evolution

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If I were to ask you to name the two most famous people in the country, over half of our readers would name the same two people. I have discussed one of them several times in my articles, but I have refrained from talking about the second one. Maybe it’s time that I do.

So I ask you … who are the two most famous people in the country? One is an egomaniac who believes the sun rises and sets with him (maybe that’s why he’s orange). I am not talking about him again.

The other one … here are some hints:

Is this person popular? Yes

Is this person internationally recognized? Most definitely Yes

Is this person controversial? Hell Yes

Who is this person? Caitlyn Jenner

I admit that I avoided discussing her because of my own thoughts about her. But I think it’s time I dedicate this month to Caitlyn.

Like many of us, I support the transgender community. I do not have the same feelings that Bruce Jenner was experiencing before the gender switch, so who am I to comment on it? I have read some harsh things that people have said about transgendered people. In particular, one ultra-conservative person I had known since kindergarten said, “If you have ad—, you’re a man. If you don’t, you’re a woman. These people have psychological problems to change themselves and they need help.” For her, the issue was black & white, and no gray areas at all. (For the record, she and I are no longer friends on Facebook.) Transgendered people are a part of our LGBT community and they deserve the same love and support as every LGBT member.

After Caitlyn emerged, and the world said goodbye to Bruce, I know lots of LGBT people were very supportive of her. Other than Renee Richards, Laverne Cox, and Chaz Bono, there weren’t many celebrities in the transgender world who could be the face of the topic. Caitlyn Jenner would be that face, and she was applauded, beginning with the infamous cover of VANITY FAIR.

However, the community was very surprised when we found out the following about her:

1 – She is still a conservative Republican;

2 – She supported Donald Trump, falling for all of his smoke & mirrors;

(Caitlyn was invited to play a round of gold with Trump before the election; after Inauguration, the invitation was rescinded.)

3 – She does not support Gay Marriage, believing only in “conventional marriage.”

Criticized by people, she was ostracized by some of the community. Even more so, she declared herself the “face of the LGBT community” when attending a GOP luncheon during the Republican National Convention. People were not happy with her actions, and she lost support.

Lately, we are seeing a gradual shift if Caitlyn. She has publicly stated how disappointed she is with Trump and his administration with Title IX, withdrawing the guidelines that the Obama administration had implemented to protect transgender students in school and colleges from discrimination and to ensure they had access to the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. If you remember, she posted a video to Trump, reminding him that he had made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community, and asked him to “call me,” a call that was never made. She has even admitted that she is starting to regret her decision to support Trump.

In addition, she has stated (and I witnessed it) that she now supports all marriages. We wish it happened sooner, but let’s respect the fact that she has changed her mind.

Is her thinking beginning to shift? Does she understand the importance of our civil rights as Americans, despite political beliefs? Is she slowly becoming more liberal? Or, is she speaking out for more self-publicity?

Only time will tell this story. But, to be a part of the community, you have to support all of us, all of the time! I hope Caitlyn continues to grow and change her thinking as she becomes more involved in our community.


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