Aiden Leslie Feelin’ Capital Pride

Leslie to Perform at Capital Pride, Albany, NY, June 8-9

Aiden_Leslie_HOTDiversity Rules Magazine is excited to once again feature Aiden Leslie, one of America’s up and coming musicians who is sure to impact listeners in ways yet unimaginable.  What’s even more exciting is that Aiden is scheduled to open for Debbie Gibson at Capital Pride in Albany, NY on June 9th.  He will also be doing a performance at Waterworks Pub on June 8th.

Aiden has just released a new single entitled, “Diamond Dreams.”  Believing in the impossible and making it a reality is the central theme of Diamond Dreams, however the song also reveals some of the pitfalls Leslie has encountered along the way.

He’s become known for using his records as personal diary entries.  He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I hid for a long time and only found a lot of darkness by doing that. Sharing experiences can be powerful.  It helps me to express myself, and hopefully it may help someone else too.”

Diversity Rules caught up with Aiden for a little “question and answer” session ahead of his June debut in Albany, NY.  Thanks to Len Evans at Project Publicity for arranging the interview!

DR:  Diversity Rules Magazine is excited you are performing in Albany, NY for its pride!  Can you tell readers about your performance schedule and when everyone can listen?

AL:  Thank you–I’m very excited as well! I will be performing at Waterworks Pub on Saturday June 8th and Capital Pride on Sunday June 9th.

DR:  You have a new single out called “Diamond Dreams.”  What’s the song about?

AL:  Diamond Dreams is about my journey from arriving in New York City 6 days after my High SchoolAiden_Leslie_Diamond Dreams Remix Graduation with the dreams of becoming the performer that I am today. It’s the story of how I came to NYC as a boy…grew into a man and how I have survived life alone in the big city.

DR:  We all have “diamond dreams” and they evolve over time.  What are yours at the moment?

AL:  The cool thing for me is that they are constantly evolving. I came to New York City because I knew in my heart that it was a place of opportunity. I have lived “many lives” so to speak and have gone down many different paths. I dream for something bigger than I could ever dream for myself if that makes any sense…I dream that I will never settle for what I know in my heart to be true and right…even if there are sacrifices to stay there. That is my Diamond Dream.
DR:  In case people can’t make your Albany performances, where are your upcoming performance venues?

AL:  I will be in Columbus Ohio on Friday June 21st, and Chicago’s Market Days on August 10th. I am finalizing more summer dates now! Stay tuned:).

Make sure you check out Aident’s website at: or his Facebook page at:

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