You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It

A Book by Kieron Blake
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KieronKieron Blake was born in North West London in 1983 to Jamaican parents. He has a fir degree in Politics and Social Policy and enjoys playing football and rugby. He likes reading, keeping abreast of current affairs and travelling the world. He also likes to engage new cultures and traditions, whilst meeting people from different walks of life. His favourite authors are Andrea Levy and Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal, as their books (Small Island and Tourism), inspired him to write.

You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It is about Michael Brown, a young black male, fresh from university who struggles with the demons of his sexuality that still haunt him.  He tries to lead a comfortable hetero sexual life.  He thinks he has suppressed his “other side” through his failing relationship with Michelle.

In order to get over a terrible rape and prove to himself that he is heterosexual, Michael Brown tries to maintain his failing relationship with his strong dominant girlfriend Michelle.

Michael does not fulfil his pledge, as his girlfriend demands and low libido push him further towards Gemma. Gemma is everything Michelle isn’t. Gemma is a police officer. She is highly sexed and more importantly, she is white.

Michael is content leading a double life. He manages to sort himself out, and gets a job in order to appease Michelle. Michael’s new job brings him into contact with Nathan a young man who carries a lot of excess baggage.  Nathan sees Michael as the ‘one’, unaware of Michael’s past struggle to deal with his sexuality.

Michael and Nathan’s friendship develops. When rocked with some bombshells, Michael sees Nathan as a confidant. Michael reveals a few home truths to Nathan, which leads to a night of forgettable passion. Michael sees it all as a mistake, whereas Nathan decides to capitalise on his ‘friend’s’ weakness. It is only a matter of time before things come to a head. This occurs when Michael, Gemma and Nathan all come together in the same place. Each one’s past comes back to haunt them, leading to pain and tragedy.

The aftermath of the tragedy leaves Michael seeking answers and revenge. Michael finds the answers he was looking for. However he is unable to get the revenge, as he uncovers another bombshell and is left dealing with the aftermath of that.

With any bad, there must come some good. This happens to Michael, as he decides to close certain paths that were holding him back.  Other paths are still open with new avenues emerging leading Michael to really want to make it work with Michelle.

If you would like to purchase Kieron’s book, go to  In the search box type “Kieron Blake” and you will be taken to the page to purchase the book.

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