Unlock Your Treasures

By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher
Diversity Rules Magazine
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JRK (75 x 75)There are many things locked away inside of us.  Some are locked away due to a conscious voluntary action on our part.  Others are there from birth, waiting for us to awaken and find the keys to unlocking our innately instilled powers.

Many times our voluntary action locks something away deep inside because of some hurtful situation or issue that adversely impacted us.  We know where these things are buried since we put them there ourselves.  The key to unlock these voluntarily stowed away items is always close at hand.

Conversely, there are innately implanted treasures within us that were uniquely crafted for us, and are part of a divine plan laid out by the universe and its omnipotent power.  The key to unlocking the more spiritually based items within us is a much more onerous task and unfortunately, many fail to find the keys to unlock their divine plan.  These innate treasures are buried upon death with the body, and replanted in another manifestation that the soul may embark upon.

I look back upon my remarkable journey in this current manifestation of 53 years, and I, now, at this point in my life, am able to discern the forks in the road that were placed before me, and the decisions made, many times on a tenuous thread, that got me to where I am today.

Unfortunately, as is the case in this human form, we often times do not have the wisdom to make the right decisions, and we take the wrong fork in the road.  This error in judgment is a natural phenomenon, and I believe is part of the divine plan laid out for us.  We need to learn lessons from some of our missteps that will help propel us forward when we find the connection to the right path again from our brief detour.

With experience and making mistakes, our internal wisdom is honed and refined, which will help us in our journeys forward.  As our wisdom is developed, we are able to take the necessary steps to unlock that which is buried deep inside, waiting to burst forward with such explosive energy.  The energy released helps to catapult us, like a rocket, toward the pinnacle of the divinely planned beings we were meant to be.

Life is a series of choices.  We are given the power of thought to make those choices and oft times, they can be fatal ones.  Just because we have a divine plan laid out for us, it does not mean that it is assured or guaranteed.

My journey from the dark confines of my closet was a treacherous one. I look back upon many instances where I could have made deadly, irrecoverable mistakes. If it were not for a thin thread, such as some person I met in passing, a book or quote I read, or some other momentary happenstance, the path toward self-destruction would surely have been assured.

Any plan, is defined with action steps to achieve the desired end.  Incremental steps are set forth to achieve the overall goal of a particular task at hand.  There are adjustments along the way that can be made if the plan is not operating as efficiently as it could.

Our divine plan is not as simple as those plans we make in our waking life.  Our divine plans are not clearly defined and we embark on this thing we call life, to find the various keys that will unlock the power of the treasures buried within.  Finding the keys is the hard part, and many times detours are taken, which do not contribute to the achievement of the end result; the pinnacle of our existence.

At this stage of my journey, I have come to rely upon my intuition and gut feelings much more, and have begun to hone in my existential purpose, due to the wisdom and life experience I have gained to this point and the lessons learned.  I have awakened for whatever reason, due to the divine hands that guide me, and realize that there is an inherently grand purpose to my life.  Now that the awakening has occurred there is no turning back.

I have such an intense desire to explore forces unseen, and to understand the connections to the universal power that is within us all, and is connected as well to the universal power and energy that pulsates throughout all creation.  I have tasked myself with seeking knowledge and understanding of those things that are not easily understood, and am delving inside myself for the answers, and connecting with those people that have been placed in my path to help guide me.

Where are you in your journey?  Are you aimlessly wandering from fork to fork, not making the right choices?  Is your vision and wisdom to understand what is happening to you as keenly defined as it should be?  Do you feel your gut telling you something or having “hunches” on what to do, and are ignoring them?

Whatever your reason, or issue at the moment (mine was primarily the battle to liberate myself from my closet), I encourage you to take that leap of faith in yourself, and to do what your heart and, more importantly, your soul is telling you to do.  Do not ignore your hunches or gut feelings.  Do not take people around you for granted, as you do not know which ones have been placed in proximity of you for your benefit and movement forward.  Always be cognizant of the power you have to make choices and decisions and how what you decide can impact others, and your own lives.

Tap into your own power.  Plug yourselves in and never unplug yourself from the unseen power that energizes all creation.  Do whatever you have to do to achieve the pinnacle of your existence, the end result of the divine plan that awaits you and is buried within you.  Find the keys to unlock your treasures.  Don’t let them die without even an attempt to find them!  Discover yourself!

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