The Raid

By Lee Lynch


Lee Lynch wrote the classic novels The Swashbuckler and Toothpick House. The most recent of her 14 books, Sweet Creek and Beggar of Love, were published by Bold Strokes Books. She has released a new book entitled, “The Raid.”  She lives in rural Florida with her wife and their furry ruffians.

Before Stonewall, having a drink with friends or your girl could mean jail. In 1961, The Old Town Tavern is more than just a gay Lynch_the_raid__81407bar. It’s a home to strangers who have become family.  They drink, they dance, they fall in lust and in love. They don’t even know who the enemy is, only that it is powerful enough to order the all-too-willing vice squad to destroy the bar and their lives. Would these women and men still have family, a job, a place to live after…The Raid? This was how it was done then, this was the gay life, and this is the resilient gay will.

“The Raid” is now available in paper and electronic format from Bold Strokes Books:

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