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Is It Giving Us What We Need?
By Billy Glover
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billy_gloverWilliam Edward “Billy” Glover was born September 16, 1932, in Shreveport, Louisiana.  He became active in the movement to gain equal/civil rights for homosexual/LGBT Americans in late 1959, with Mattachine and ONE.  He  co-founded the Homosexual Information Center in 1968.

I am concerned that we think there is so much news about homosexuality and the GLBT community that we are getting all the information needed to be good citizens.

We get constant updates on the legal issue of marriage, but I am not sure we get balanced information-even on the people and groups actually doing the work.  But more important, are we getting information on all work being done to gain us equal/civil rights?

I was surprised recently when I mentioned Primetimers and someone active in our movement had never heard of such organizations.  Even though this person  is not an older male, it seems to me that that person, or our media, has not been listening to what all of us are doing.  While we concentrate on one or two aspects we personally are interested in, social, legal, religious, medical, etc, we are not being good citizens if we do not even know the work others are doing in other areas or know what resources are available.

I am told that anyone can find out such information, if we look online at Facebook, etc. It seems we only “find” what we already are looking for, maybe.  But if we read our community papers and magazines, over a year it seems to me we should learn of work/projects, and people and organizations doing the work, that we will all benefit from and that we might want to support.  And don’t we need a pubic forum on our issues-to share our views?

Is it possible that GLBT newspapers over a year of news have not mentioned events or news from Primetimers?  Or COLAGE, or PFLAG?  Someone moving to a new area should look up information in Gayellow Pages-although it seems the spelling confuses some people and they don’t get that website.  But if they see the local paper, they should find not only entertainment and what celebrity has just come out-something they get from general media now anyway-they should get information on what is being done, how they can support the work, what businesses are gay-friendly and which ones are not, etc.  Is there not an obligation to serve the community, whether the newspaper or magazine is free or not?



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