Queen of Clubs

A Book By Tobias International
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Queen of Clubs - TobiasTobias International is a gay fiction author who has self-published his first book entitled,“Queen of Clubs.”  He lives in Bournemouth in Dorset with his long term gay partner. They have been together for 10 years.

The Queen of Clubs is a fictitious insight into popular modern culture which covers numerous genres. It is a coming out story, it’s a love story, it’s a love triangle, it’s a murder mystery, it’s about drag queens, it’s dark, bitchy and funny. 

The story is set primarily in Divas drag queen cabaret bar, but from the very Queen of Clubsbeginning the reader is advised that somebody has been killed in a hit and run, but what isn’t clear is who has been killed, why and by whom and the reader’s perceptions will change as the book moves forward as all characters potentially at one stage or another have such a reason. Wendy WolfWhistle is possibly the worst looking drag queen ever known, but when she looks in the mirror she sees a slim, young, gorgeous star staring back at her. She longs to be in the Divas drag queen cabaret show and be in the brochure and be loved by everyone. Oliver is new on the scene, this is his first night out. He is hoping to meet some new friends and maybe find love: possibly with Jake the gorgeous but very lost barman or Chris the owner, who gets everything he wants and knows just how to make people’s dreams come true whatever they are. The story also evolves around Miss Tittie Mansag the lead of the show and her support drag queen acts Miss Connie Lingus and Miss Tequila ShockingBird. The story explores them as men and drag queens and the secrets they too are holding.

The Queen of Clubs is available on Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle and sample chapters are available as well.  There is an Amazon app too which allows people to download Amazon kindle books onto their hand-held devices. It is published by FeedARead and the ISBN number is 978-1784076542, so it can be ordered via book shops too or may even be in stock in participating books shops.


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