“Older” But Getting Better!

At 35 years old, Jack Tracy may be late to the superstar pop game, but in his new album, appropriately titled Older, he proves he can keep step with the young’uns. “I was a musical theater major in college because, of course, I was,” he explains from his home in New York. “I got spooked […]

Fun Things To Do During Pride

The Following Article Was Provided By TopView Sightseeing Some people love Christmas when the city is decorated with lights and snowflakes, and the cool wind makes everyone walk just a little faster. Some people love autumn when the trees in the parks are turning their shades of red and gold, and the shortening days drag […]

April Feature: Confessions Of A Puppy

The Story Of A Child Prostitute… Times Square in New York City during the 1970’s was a much different place than it is today.  Then it was the home of New York’s sex shops and peep shows, and where prostitutes openly worked the streets, along with the drug dealers.  The area was full of crime and […]

A Lady With Panache

Diversity Rules Magazine welcomes the indomitable Lady Clover Honey as its featured guest interview. Lady Clover Honey has emerged as one of the most versatile, Drag Queen, Television and Comedy personalities! While she is well-known in the New York City area hotspots, she has taken the art of Female Impersonation from Gay nightclubs to mainstream […]