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Thank YouWhen you subscribe to Diversity Rules Magazine you will receive a FREE GIFT as a token of our support!  When your subscription order is received and verified (I-Folds digital version only) you will receive an e-mail asking which gift you would like to receive ranging from books, DVD’s, CD’s and MORE!

The Gifts to be selected from were generously donated by supporters of Diversity Rules Magazine and include the following:

Jake Biondi’s “Boystown” – Receive both season 1 and 2 books!

Fall Away: A film chronicling the secrets of Jake, the lead singer for up-and-coming country folk band “65 Home. He dies violently in a back alley and when his family and friends gather to honor Jake they find out things they never knew before.

Twink: A documentary interview with former porn star Kayden Daydream, who now lives in a run down bedsit struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues.

1 Last Chance at Paradise: 1 Last Chance at Paradise is a film about Kai and Tobi and their last night together, remembering a beautiful weekend they once had away from the oppression of Tobi’s homophobic mother.

Oneonta Family YMCA gift card valued at $25.00

Shades of Gay by David Clarke. Chronicles a man’s spiral into sexual addiction and alcoholism and his battle to escape his demons.

The Literary Party: Growing Up Gay and Amish in America. A provocative and eye-opening account of growing up gay and Amish in America. Written by James Schwartz – a strong supporter of Diversity Rules and featured in its pages many times.

Babette: The Many Lives, Two Deaths and Double Kidnapping of Dr. Ellsworth. Written by Ross Eliot, Babette is the story of Ross Eliot’s early years in Portland, OR, when he stumbled upon an unusual living arrangement with an eccentric history professor.

“The Swashbuckler” by author Lee Lynch.

“That Old Studebaker” by author Lee Lynch

RSVP + Remixes by Shara Strand

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