Somewhere In Time

While spending a nice quiet day with my parents on Thanksgiving, we watched a wonderful movie that I had forgotten about, and is one of my favorites entitled, “Somewhere in Time” starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.  It is a movie about time travel and love in its deepest and truest form; love that transcends time and space.  True love endures no matter how much time passes by.
Love is a concept that many cannot grasp or do not want to grasp.  Many fear love because they do not love themselves.  This in turn creates distrust in others and an inability to open oneself up to the wonders of life and the many lessons that await us.
 Awaken the love that is within and it will connect you with the power of the universe; a power that will not only help you discover your true selves and help define your life’s purpose but can change society and time itself.  The more we awaken the love within and connect with the forces of the universe, the more we can impact society for the better and do what is right and just.
Many wish to drive wedges in between people and use hate and mistrust to achieve their ends.  The ends do not justify the means.  If the end is achieved by pitting people against one another and creating hate and mistrust of our fellow humans, it is an end that will not endure the span of time.
Those that do not respect diversity and the differences in people will ultimately fail in their quest to achieve their end results.  They may win temporarily but over time, their coalitions built on fear, prejudice and hate will crumble under their feet and will be swept away.  Replacing them will be foundations built on trust, love and respect of others and the belief in the power of the universe to create a unified force of good that will change our lives and humanity for the better.
Somewhere in time we all will be one working toward the betterment of society and lifting all people instead of tearing certain groups of people down using fear, hate and prejudice.  By creating power within ourselves based on the love of others and a love that transcends time and the cosmos itself, it will create true and unequivocal equality throughout the nations of the world.

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