LGBTQ Pioneers

All great movements in history fostering change or having motivated individuals to step forward from their comfort zones to take action for the betterment of society have one key component in common.  It is what drove early explorers to the shores of North America, created the desire of early settlers to forge westward and beyond, and individuals to take action generally, that many would not consider taking in order to create a better life.
The common thread in humankind’s quest for fulfillment of a better life is the pioneering spirit of the individuals leading these great movements of people.  It is this intense pioneering spirit within us that has made America what it is today and will continue to influence its future.
America has been and will continue to be blessed with pioneers that are not afraid to envision circumstances and conditions that will facilitate fulfillment of America’s inherent promise of liberty and justice for all.
Pioneers who have fought for LGBTQ equality, envisioned a society that openly accepted LGBTQ individuals, based on their inherent self worth, and not on the prejudices related to the sexual orientation with which they were born.
Since the Stonewall Rebellion in June of 1969, the beginning of the modern day LGBTQ equal rights movement, many pioneers have stepped forward to fight the fight.  It was their dedication and commitment to the cause of equality that has helped to foster better understanding of what it means to be LGBTQ.  Without their vision, the LGBTQ community would not have many of the rights and privileges we enjoy today.
We tend to forget the efforts of those before us and take for granted what has been achieved resulting from their efforts.  It is their sacrifices made on that hot summer night in New York City in June of 1969, and by others that followed, that ignited the spark of equality in the hearts of many and kept it burning brightly.  They had the courage to stand and say ENOUGH!
We need to continue to stand up for our rights, and fight harder than our predecessors did to ensure a society in which LGBTQ individuals are fully accepted for who they are and not discriminated against for what they are.  It is our obligation to those that follow that we continue to wage the battle against those that would have us return to the days before Stonewall.

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