Sneak Preview: Christopher Daniels

A Teaser from Chris’ Feature Interview
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Do you ever wonder what the life of an escort is like?  Repeatedly we hear about the profession but very rarely do we hear about what the life entails or what makes one resort to escorting for a profession.  Diversity Rules tackles these questions by delving head first into the subject and seeks to enlighten readers with the September feature, Christopher Daniels.

Earlier this summer, hosted the seventh annual Hookies Awards in New York City.  The evening’s top prize was the title of Mr. International Escort. That honor went to the man who proves that maybe blondes do have more fun – Christopher Daniels.

The following is a “sneak preview” from Chris’ feature interview.

JRK:  Can you give Diversity Rules readers an idea of who Christopher Daniels is; your background and how it has influenced who you are today?

CD:  I’m still trying to figure out who he is. I think he’s generally a nice guy.. sometimes a dick. He enjoys what he does and he has some really good people in his life. My background has shaped who I am and I think I’m the same person I was 10 years ago with a few more wrinkles. The porn persona and the real me are the same. Both are equally insecure, fun, hard working and so on. Sometimes the porn persona is kinda douchey and I apologize.

JRK:  There are a lot of judgmental people out there who have misconceptions about what an escort is and what they actually do.  Can you address some of the misconceptions and what actions do you take to help dispel the fallacy and innuendo surrounding the escort business?

CD:  I’m not in charge of what others think about me. I’ve had my own set of subconscious judgments of porn stars and escorts before I started in the industry and I’ve come to see how people surprise me and things are not always as they seem. I use to view escorts and porn stars as damaged people who are fucked up and I guess we are but no more than the rest of society. There’s also different classes of escorts. Some people are simply offering sexual favors for money while some of us are offering a fantasy. Sex has very little to do with what I deal with on a daily basis. I offer a boyfriend an experience which means I spend time with my clients, go for dinner, talk and whatever else. Its an experience, its time together and its not just about spitting on your dick and fucking the living daylights out of me although anything can happen:)

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